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Smart City Development Becomes an Opportunity for Property Sector

Smart City Development Becomes an Opportunity for Property Sector

Smart city is a modern city planning concept by integrating information and communication technology with the help of the Internet of Things device network.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on various industrial sectors, but this event has also driven changes and developments, especially in the field of digital transformation technology and the smart city industry which is now being intensively carried out by the government and the private sector.

In Indonesia, there are 514 cities and regencies that are starting to transform into smart cities. This is a great opportunity for investors and startups in the field of digital property technology.

Smart City Development Becomes an Opportunity for Property Sector

Sinar Mas Land Has Transformed BSD City into Smart City since 2016

Sinar Mas Land itself has transformed BSD City into an integrated smart digital city since early 2016. This township is now complete with digital-based facilities and infrastructure such as fiber optic for high-speed internet, traffic command center, and so on.

Furthermore, Sinar Mas Land has also built a Digital Hub as an area intended as a center for education, communities, start-ups to multinational companies in the field of digital technology.

“The Digital Hub has become an ecosystem for many digital companies, including those from proptech and smart cities, which are currently very much needed during this pandemic,” said Chief Digital Tech Ecosystem and Development – Sinar Mas Land, Irawan Harahap in a written statement in Jakarta, Thursday (9/9/2021).

“This encourages Digital Hub to facilitate proptech startups so that they can be developed by the younger generation and the results can be enjoyed by the wider community. We did this in the Digital Hub Next Action (DNA) campaign which helps accelerate startups,” he continued.

Escalate Program is Very Useful for Founders in Smart City Industry

Currently, Sinar Mas Land through the Digital Hub collaborates with Prasetia Dwidharma to hold the Escalate by Prasetia program which was launched online on September 9, 2021.

Smart City Development Becomes an Opportunity for Property Sector

The program provides guidance for startup activists and provides access for program participants to connect with the digital technology market to investors.

This activity is expected to be a forum for startup companies to develop sustainably so that they can contribute to the development of smart cities, especially in BSD City.

“This program is very useful for founders in the smart city industry as well as helping them open their horizons and provide opportunities to face urban needs directly in one of Sinar Mas Land’s townships, namely BSD City,” said Qiscus Co-Founder, Delta Purna Widyangga, who is also one of the Escalate’s mentor.

Cakap’s Co-Founder, Tomy Yunus, who was also present at the Virtual Press Conference as an example of a startup that supports the Smart City movement and has received funding up to Series A+, stated that the startup journey is a tough journey.

According to him, programs like Escalate can help novice founders gain valuable experiences from mentors and learn how startups should go to market.

Smart City Technology Industry

Prasetia Dwidharma’s CFO, Ardi Setiadharma, explained that the Escalate program aims to accelerate startups in the smart city technology industry, especially in the areas of mobility, data analytics, parking systems, property tech, energy-saving, and commerce/retail/SME enablers.

Smart City Development Becomes an Opportunity for Property Sector

By participating in the Escalate program, startups can carry out pilot projects in the Sinar Mas Land and Prasetia Dwidharma ecosystems. In addition, participants will receive direct business validation guidance and assistance from top mentors.

“This helps them develop internally, by participating in a number of trainings and also developing in terms of products and implementation in a competitive market,” said Ardi. This program will last for six months accompanied by a number of professional mentors.