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Education Startup LingoAce Intensively Recruits Workers in Indonesia

Education Startup LingoAce Intensively Recruits Workers in Indonesia

Singapore-based education startup LingoAce received Series C funding of US$ 105 million or around IDR 1.5 trillion. The startup also plans to strengthen the market in Indonesia and recruit more workers.

Education Startup LingoAce Intensively Recruits Workers in Indonesia

The funding was led by Sequoia Capital India. Other participating investors are Owl Ventures, Shunwei Capital, and SWC Global.

“With the support of investors, we plan to develop the platform to reach a wider audience and ensure more and more children around the world can continue to have access to quality online educational experiences,” said LingoAce founder and CEO Hugh Yao in a press statement, Friday (3/03/2020). 12).

The Series C funding round was achieved less than a year after pocketing Series B funding of US$ 55 million. LingoAce secured a total investment of US$ 160 million since the beginning of the year.

If calculated since its inception, LingoAce raised US$ 180 million in funding. The company that provides the Chinese language learning platform, reaches more than 100 countries.

Service orders have increased by nearly 4,000% globally since the end of 2019. Especially in Indonesia, LingoAce has experienced a 4,800% increase in orders since last year.

LingoAce creates an engaging and fun educational experience for students through devices. Parents can also plan, schedule and monitor children’s learning. The fresh funds will be used to create new language learning.

In addition, developing a global team with significant recruits in Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe. The company is aggressively recruiting employees to strengthen product and curriculum development, as well as increase sales and marketing support.

“As they expand beyond Chinese and continue to grow at a global level, Sequoia Capital India is excited to deepen its partnership with Hugh Yao and his team,” said Abheek Anand, Managing Director at Sequoia India.

Education Startup LingoAce Intensively Recruits Workers in Indonesia

Advantages of Online Mandarin Course at LingoAce

Mastery of foreign languages ​​is very necessary, one of which is Mandarin. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, learning Mandarin can still be carried out, even if it is not face-to-face with the teacher.

For now, it’s hard to let children go to class offline. One that could be an option is LingoAce, it could be the best solution for learning Mandarin without having to leave the house.

Several positive reviews were taken into consideration when choosing LingoAce, namely, native speaker teachers, integrated curriculum. In addition, LingoAce is also supported by entertaining learning activities, small groups.

Children who learn a language, such as Mandarin, before puberty have the ability to speak with an accent identical to that of a native speaker. That way, they can easily repeat phrases and words properly and correctly.

For this reason, LingoAce only chooses native speaker teachers to become teaching staff. In addition, the teachers on this Chinese learning platform have also passed the Putonghua Ability Test and have international CTCSOL accreditation.

The role of the curriculum is very important in learning, including Mandarin. Therefore, LingoAce collaborates with education experts to prepare an effective tiered program syllabus.

LingoAce also pays attention to psychological and social variables in preparing its curriculum. This platform is able to map complex learning resources and produce an ideal learning methodology for non-native language speakers.

Education Startup LingoAce Intensively Recruits Workers in Indonesia

Fun Learning

A good teacher will use songs, pictures, games, and fun and didactic activities to teach Chinese. This technique has proven to be very effective in lightening the “burden” of learning a foreign language.

In this effort, LingoAce has also prepared several approaches and methods that have been applied for years. Schemes that are matched with the character of students are believed to be able to ensure the teaching and learning process runs efficiently and effectively.

The realization of this approach is then combined with multimedia technology. This is to create content and illustrations that are not only visually appealing but also have proven benefits.