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Singapore-based IN Financial Technologies Announces the Launch of INFT

Singapore-based IN Financial Technologies Announces the Launch of INFT

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 20 October 2021 – Singapore-based IN Financial Technologies launches INFT, a secured one-stop business solutions platform to start-ups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through filling the financing and banking gap, which allows entrepreneurs to focus on their core businesses.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the business landscape in Southeast Asia. With the rampant emergence and adoption of new technologies, start-up entrepreneurs are the new catalyst for the growth of regional economies. These change-drivers are constantly on-the-go and thus require seamless, hassle- free solutions to manage their businesses more efficiently. Headquartered in Singapore, a financial hub within the region, IN levels the playing field for businesses in any sector to accessible, efficient, transparent financial solutions encrypted in a single platform. During COVID-19, many traditional MSMEs businesses were affected – they are faced with immense pressure to do things differently and to go digital, and many struggled.

IN’s solutions are perfectly poised to digitalize and empower these MSMEs via a unified portal and application, and to improve employer to employee’s experience in transitioning to digitalization. By providing a whole range of digital solutions aimed at streamlining business mechanisms, entrepreneurs are able to adopt a hands-free approach for the more administrative tasks. IN offers digital solutions to effectively achieve entrepreneurs’ needs with the help of technology. Such time and cost-effective solutions work efficiently to give entrepreneurs and their employees a peace of mind, enabling them to better focus on client-facing issues and other aspects which require a more personal touch. This way, MSMEs are better able to concentrate on running their businesses without having to allocate time for menial, time-consuming admin tasks.

IN aims to provide solutions targeted to aid entrepreneurs in one central app including features such as Manage, Access, Send and Spend. It is designed to solve entrepreneurs’ challenges with a suite of solutions designed to satisfy your every business need. IN’s 24/7 customer support on the platform offers round-the-clock support specifically dedicated to start-ups to tackle any concerns and queries anytime, anywhere.

While the company promises to deliver exceptional solutions to its clients, it has also resolved to deliver the best value to help them scale exponentially. With international money transfer rates greatly cheaper than traditional banks, a bird’s eye view on Spend Management via a smart dashboard, Teams Management feature, highly competitive FX rates, and innovative features like ‘pay only when you use’ for their cash line financing, their work is truly aligned with the aspirations of entrepreneurs.

IN combines the best of breed synergies from each of these niches and beyond, tailoring them to the specific needs of start-ups and SMEs. IN is ready to deep-dive into supporting its SME partners to navigate these challenges within their first year of operation. Besides helping business owners manage their operations and processes, IN also offers meaningful solutions to better manage their lives. The company has designed the platform with specific communities in mind, e.g., start-up founders, work-from-home entrepreneurs, online traders, and more. Now entrepreneurs can focus on what’s most important: growing their business! With the rise in popularity of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices, IN will be doing its part and championing such efforts through our future suite of ESG focused financing services.

About IN

Launched in 2020 by Singapore-native entrepreneurs, Eldwin and Roy, who have more than two decades of experiences in technology, retail banking and financial industry, IN aims to level the playing field for start-ups and SMEs to grow. They have one simple mission to empower Micro, Small and Medium enterprises in Asia to digitalize their businesses, and to break down financial access barriers. The flexible and secure IN ecosystem offers a competitive and attractive pricing, and the best-in-class financial solutions to empower entrepreneurs to focus on their core business.