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Sayurbox Helps Consumers with 3 New Features

Sayurbox Helps Consumers with 3 New Features

Online grocery shopping service platform Sayurbox is entering its fourth year of operation. Now, the startup has added three new features to make it easier for users.

Sayurbox, an e-commerce platform for fresh vegetable and fruit products in Indonesia, on Friday (9/7/2021) launched three new features, namely paying cash with Sayurtunai, the Sayurpoin feature, and instant delivery with Sayurkilat.

“We are committed to leading, innovating and raising the bar by launching Sayurtunai, Sayurkilat, and Sayurpoin. Now, consumers can enjoy a direct shopping experience at their doorstep through express delivery,” said Sayurbox CEO and Co-Founder Amanda Susanti at her virtual press conference.

Sayurbox Helps Consumers with 3 New Features

Consumers Can Shop with the COD System

The Sayurtunai feature allows users of the Sayurbox application to shop and pay in cash or we know it as COD (cash on delivery).

Interestingly, for the Sayurtunai feature, users can see directly the food they want to buy and pay for it according to their choice when the food is delivered to their home.

“This feature is to build consumer trust, Sayurbox is aware that it is not easy to build the trust of consumers who have doubts about the product,” said Sayurbox’s Head of Marketing Communication, Oshin Hernis, during a virtual webinar, Friday (9/7/2021).

He added, this method is presented so that users or consumers can witness firsthand the shape of the product to be purchased.

So, during delivery, the courier will open the package in front of the consumer and the consumer can choose the existing product. With cash support, consumers can pay directly according to the selected product.

“For example, consumers initially order 10 pieces via an application, then choose COD payment, when the package is sent it only fits seven pieces. Consumers only need to pay for the seven,” he said.

Sayurbox Helps Consumers with 3 New Features

SayurKilat and SayurPoin Features

The next feature is SayurKilat, which provides express delivery services about 2 hours from ordering. As an instant delivery service, it is expected to be able to meet consumer demand needed in a short time.

“For example, if you want to cook something, it turns out that the ingredients are lacking, users can directly choose this delivery option,” she said.

Furthermore, Oshin said users can also order periodically. For example, shopping for fruit for instant delivery every two days. So, every two days, the courier will deliver the orders that consumers ask for on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, another shipping option is the standard delivery, which is delivery no more than one day after ordering.

Furthermore, the feature is touted as an appreciation for the users. SayurPoin can be collected by users to be able to get various benefits from exchanging points.

For example, in the form of shopping vouchers that can be used to get discounts. There are also interesting merchandise that can be exchanged after the points reach a certain number. “We see that it will be very useful, especially during a pandemic like now,” Oshin concluded.

Sayurbox Helps Consumers with 3 New Features

Feature Coverage

However, from the entire scope of Sayurbox services, currently these new features can only be accessed in limited places.

Sayurbox CEO, Amanda Susanti, explained that for the time being the SayurTunai feature could only be used by users in Jakarta.

“SayurKilat can already be used by users in Jabodetabek, other features will be available in the future,” she said.

She explained that the coverage of the feature will be expanded to the Jabodetabek, Surabaya, and Bali areas which are planned in Q3 or Q4 this year.

For information, Sayurbox has so far been downloaded by more than 500 thousand users on the Google Play Store, with a record increase in orders ranging from three to seven times every year since the launch of the application in 2017.

Furthermore, Sayurbox also plans to be able to list its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) through an initial public offering (IPO) scheme.