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Ruangguru Presents New Innovations in Roboguru Features

Ruangguru Presents New Innovations in Roboguru Features

Indonesian edtech startup, Ruangguru, presents the latest innovation for the roboguru feature that can make it easier for students to learn. This innovation allows students to watch video concepts related to these questions.

It can also be used by students who have difficulty understanding the answers to these questions to discuss. Therefore, it’s not only makes students know the answer to a problem, but also understands the concept of the teaching.

“We hope that this innovation can be an effective solution to help students complete homework at home, where students continue to receive material explaining lesson concepts and can discuss with each other, not just copying answers,” said the Head of K12 Product Ruangguru, Stephanie Hardjo, in an official statement received, Tuesday (23/2/2021).

Ruangguru Presents New Innovations in Roboguru Features

The presence of this innovation also helps students who are still doing Distance Learning or PJJ due to the pandemic. It’s because the company had conducted an internal survey and concluded that there were some of the biggest challenges faced by students during PJJ.

The difficulty to understand the lessons without teacher explanation, getting more assignments without more varied and interactive learning, taking longer to learn and doing assignments, to barriers to communication with teachers are some of the difficulties during the PJJ.

Ruangguru presents several new abilities in the roboguru feature, ne of them is a combination of photo search technology and user-generated content to make it easier for students to ask solutions to difficult questions or to discuss with other students throughout Indonesia.

It also presents learning videos to help students understand concepts with accurate solution recommendations. It’s available for all levels including all major subjects. This feature itself is accessed via the Ruangguru application or messages via WhatsApp. This feature can be accessed by its users without additional subscription fees.

22 Million Indonesians Affected by Ruangguru’s Positive Impact

This edtech startup has just announced the 2020 Ruangguru Impact Report that contains support both in the form of educational social assistance and product innovation, as well as the achievements and impacts of the startup during last year (2020).

There are more than twenty two million people in Indonesia who have received positive impacts from Ruangguru, either through social education assistance or through sustainable product innovation during the pandemic.

Ruangguru Presents New Innovations in Roboguru Features

This edtech startup also provides access to improved teaching skills for more than 300 thousand teachers in Indonesia, as well as assisting 500 community teachers and families throughout Indonesia.

“The 2020 Ruangguru Impact Report is our effort to assess the effectiveness and impact created by all programs, initiatives, and products and services provided by Ruangguru,” said Ruangguru Founder and President Director, Belva Devara in an official statement, Thursday (4/2 / 2021).

Furthermore, the fact that there are more than 22 million Indonesians who feel a positive impact, both students and teachers, Belva said that it’s an exciting thing for the entire Ruangguru team. “We will use what we’ve learned last year, to continue to develop, innovate, and collaborate to make a positive impact in Indonesia,” said Belva.

Increased by 7 Million Users Last Year

Founder and Director of Ruangguru Products & Cooperation, Iman Usman, also said that the increase in users of 7 million users, from 15 million to 22 million users in 2020, is the great trust that the public places on Ruangguru.

It’s prepared by combining various quantitative and qualitative methods for program recipients and product users. Ruangguru conducts a quantitive assessment based on the level of engagement access to the application, the level of participation and activity of participants, and the level of participant satisfaction.

Ruangguru Presents New Innovations in Roboguru Features

Meanwhile, the company’s Head of Public Policy, Amri Ilmma, said the process was carried out regularly, starting from group discussions, in-depth interviews, and qualitative surveys of program satisfaction.