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RICOH establishes strategic partnership with Macroview Telecom, a HGC Group Company and Check Point

RICOH establishes strategic partnership with Macroview Telecom, a HGC Group Company and Check Point

Launches Ricoh Cyber Security Management Service – the New Security Operations Center and Cyber Security Solutions Dismantling the Fallacy of Digital Business, Blocking the Network Vulnerabilities, and Protecting Corporate Network Security for SMEs

RICOH Hong Kong, the leading pioneer of Smart Workplace services, is committed to providing a wide range of technology business solutions to enable companies to more effectively increase productivity in the prevailing era of online operations. Considering that remote and hybrid working modes are now commonplace, the establishment of a solid network and foundation for information security is increasingly important. Ricoh announces the launch of a more forward-looking network security solution by entering into strategic cooperation with well-known information security solution providers Macroview Telecom (Macroview), a HGC Group Company and Check Point Software Technologies Limited (Check Point). The cooperation brings new cyber security management services to enterprises, helping SMEs to be ‘safer on the road towards effective digital operations’ through the rich experience of a security analysis professional team with multiple information security professional qualifications, the experienced customer information security consultants, and complete network security technology solutions.

Left: Harry Wong – Director of Channel Business, Greater China, Check Point Software Technologies LtdMiddle: Ricky Chong – Senior Director, Ricoh Hong KongRight: Alvin Wong – Commercial Director, Macroview Telecom of HGC Group

RICOH, Macroview and Check Point participated in the “Cyber Security Service Kick-off Event” on August 11, and formally joined hands to implement a strategic partnership to bring more professional information security services to SMEs.

Strategic cooperation across three parties for remote and cloud businesses:

Network, Device, Application and Cloud Security

RICOH Hong Kong understands that even in the era of digital business, wherein information is rapidly circulating constantly via technology, many companies still lack essential technological knowledge about complex network security threats. There is a common misunderstanding that networks and resources are well-protected by just a single firewall installed in a remotely-used computer; or that commonly available anti-virus software guarantees there are no worries post-installation. Additionally, in the era of the “new normal” as firms operate under the pandemic, large number of corporate employees around the world need to work from home or remotely and continual transmission of files and data via information technology systems are involved in their daily operations. This may result in backdoor-opening to hackers.

In response to this, RICOH Hong Kong, along with Check Point, the well-known Cyber Security solution provider from Israel, and Macroview, the cyber security and digital transformation solution arm of HGC Group, have joined forces. Together, they have created high-performance CyberSecurity solutions and services addressing complicated challenges from Ransomware, Malware, Phishing Email, etc. All these lead to demands on Unified Security Management, Intrusion Prevention, Sandboxing, as well as Detection and Filtering of malicious activities. This comprehensive offering brings new meaning to the term, “first line of defense” for information security of enterprises.

With over 90% of attacks on organizations originating in a malicious email, email security is a necessity for every organization. Our CyberSecurity solutions and services cater for challenges from Phishing, Malware, Data Leakage and Account Takeover risk of an organization’s email systems.  In addition, sophisticated endpoint services could also be integrated on commonly used operating systems such as Windows, Android and Mac OS, providing them simple and unified security management.

High-end solution to plug network security loopholes: a new Security Operation Center

Technology is changing with each passing day, and commonly relied-upon technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices and operational technology (OT) that help companies automate and simplify daily tasks have been integrated into daily operations. However, the connections between these smart devices, such as smart constant temperature systems and conference room systems, are vulnerable to hacker attacks and intrusions, resulting in potential property or data loss.

RICOH Hong Kong is responding to the urgent requirement for improving and monitoring related high-end network security. Therefore, it has joined with Macroview to bring forward adoption of its new Security Operation Center, giving customers a 24/7 implementation of security maintenance. This advanced facility can be connected to the customer’s site via VPN to monitor the security of the customer’s back-end Internet system in real time. It can also install collectors on IoT hardware to gather data and collect logs on the Security Event and Event Management (SIEM) platform for precise and independent detection and analysis. Professional technical personnel will also provide customers with 24/7 hotline support to follow up and resolve security incidents for customers, anytime and anywhere.

RICOH to support the operations of SMEs under the pandemic: a tailor-made IT hosting service that saves resources and reduces costs

Realizing difficulties are intrinsic in attempting to operate as normal under the epidemic, RICOH Hong Kong enables customers to more effectively manage human resources, handle information technology and achieve cost control. Through the collaboration with Macroview and Check Point, RICOH Hong Kong provides customers with a one-stop IT hosting service, which covers necessities from daily antivirus, email and documents management to cloud backup, system and program monitoring, hardware device maintenance and updates, etc. Now client businesses can safely outsource much of the work of the IT department to the large back-up systems and professional team of Ricoh’s Network Security Management Services.

In addition, RICOH Hong Kong’s monthly subscription plan can build tailor-made plans for different customers, encompassing construction and design, procurement to installation, equipment updates and maintenance, all of which can save SMEs the time and money of self-development and intensive internal resource management. The Ricoh team will also provide employees with network security knowledge/training to help them achieve the prevention and ability to deal with threats to the organization’s information security.