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RentSmart Asia Partners with Iskandar Malaysia Studios Under The Merchant Partnership Program

RentSmart Asia Partners with Iskandar Malaysia Studios Under The Merchant Partnership Program

RentSmart Asia, a fully insured online rental platform, recently announced a partnership with Iskandar Malaysia Studios (IMS) under the merchant partnership program as part of their effort towards a sustainable future. This partnership will see IMS using RentSmart Asia’s rental platform to rent out unique items including props and costumes that are perfect for films set in the rich Peranakan era.

According to Rashid Karim, CEO of Iskandar Malaysia Studios, the listing of these items on RentSmart Asia’s platform will allow easy accessibility of production equipment and props to independent filmmakers, production houses, individuals involved in the production supply chain, and content creators. This partnership will help facilitate the steadily increasing local and international production needs.

“Although IMS is known internationally as a mega-scale state-of-the-art production facility for big-budget international productions, this partnership with RentSmart Asia allows us to be more relevant and accessible to local talent, especially young talent, who are the core of Malaysia’s creative industry,” said Rashid.

RentSmart Asia Partners with Iskandar Malaysia Studios Under The Merchant Partnership Program

“The MCO and SOPs has caused a heavy decline in film production severely impacting the film industry and talent crew. However, there is also an increase of amateur content creators who uses platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. By allowing easy access to production equipment and props, we hope to be able to support and nurture these talents and give them an opportunity to graduate to Netflix and beyond,” he further added. 

The production equipment and props can be booked online on www.rentsmartasia.com with just a deposit of RM100 and will be delivered directly to one’s doorstep. 

According to Indran Gegathesa, the co-founder and CEO of RentSmart Asia, we live in a world where buying is not necessarily the best method to learn, explore new interest and create experiences. This partnership with Iskandar Malaysia Studios will give production crews and content creators cheap and convenient short-term access to a vast option of equipment, props and costumes from the comfort of their own home.

“The sharing concept on RentSmart Asia creates a more sustainable living environment as people continue to reuse existing items with service life before throwing it away. The practice of reusing film props not only helps reduce waste in the environment but also decreases production cost,” added Indran.

Items from Iskandar Malaysia Studios will be available on RentSmart Asia starting April onwards. For more information and product listing, please visit: www.rentsmartasia.com