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Quipper Holds a National UTBK Online Tryout with 84,000 Students

Quipper Holds a National UTBK Online Tryout with 84,000 Students

Edtech startup Quipper has just held a National UTBK Online Tryout which was held in October 2020 and March 2021. This online tryout was attended by 84,000 students from all over Indonesia.

In this free online tryout held by Quipper, the assessment will be calculated using the IRT (Item Response Theory) system used by the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT).

So, the assessment will be adjusted to the difficulty level of the question. Therefore, the more questions students can solve, the higher the score they will get. With this assessment system, Quipper hopes to help students get an idea of ​​the actual UTBK-SBMPTN implementation.

Quipper Holds a National UTBK Online Tryout with 84,000 Students

“The UTBK tryout held by Quipper this time has been based on the analysis of UTBK material from several years earlier carried out by experts in the field of education,” said Quipper Indonesia’s Content Manager Hanani Faiza in an official statement, Monday (5/4/2021).

Hanani also said, the National UTBK online tryout material that was implemented was the result of an analysis of the UTBK material several years earlier. According to Hanani, the number of participants this time also increased compared to the previous period.

“The number of students who took part in the National UTBK Online Tryout this time increased to 40 percent,” he continued. In this implementation, Quipper also provides a new feature, namely ‘Opportunity Check’ to find out the opportunities for students to pass in the intended majors and PTNs.

For information, this year, Quipper also launched 10 tryout packages that students can choose from with affordable package prices and increasingly diverse schedules.

Quipper Releases Special Content to Help Students Face UTBK and SBMPTN 2021

Previously, the edtech startup Quipper had released the Intensive Package content to help students face UTBK and SBMPTN 2021.

Content Manager of Quipper Indonesia, Hanani Faiza, said that through this Intensive Package, the students could access not only material for preparation and stabilization, but also discussion of questions and tryouts.

“The test this year will re-test TKA Science and Technology and Social and Humanities, not only TPS like last year. This makes more material to be learned by the students and they must prepare more to face it,” said Hanani in a written statement on Tuesday (19/1/2021).

Quipper Holds a National UTBK Online Tryout with 84,000 Students

The company has prepared this package very carefully. It has gone through a long process and a series of curation to help students face UTBK and SBMPTN 2021. The Intensive Package, is said to have more content and materials, when compared to the previous year.

This year the company will provide more tryouts compared to the previous year by using the IRT (Item Response Theory) scoring system which is equipped with a comprehensive discussion of the questions.

Masterclass Package for Students

The company also offers another package called Masterclass Package which allows users to get access to Intensive Package content and direct questions and answers with Tutors and Coaches from Quipper Video Masterclass.

This Masterclass package has been equipped with a special study plan designed for students to explore topics that often arise and must be mastered by students in UTBK.

Quipper Holds a National UTBK Online Tryout with 84,000 Students

“With tutors, coaches, and study plans that have been specially designed for UTBK, it is hoped that students can get better preparation, so you can feel confident when you do the exam questions later,” said Ayu, Business Development Manager of Quipper Indonesia.

Not only material and tryouts, but there are also two features of Talent Interests Test and Opportunity Check. Talent Interests Test is a tool that can be used by students to choose and determine the majors at the destination college.

Meanwhile, the Opportunity Check helps students calculate the opportunity to enter the department at the desired university based on the rationalization results of the simulation through tryouts.