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Restock.id CEO Change Process Has Been Scheduled Before

Restock.id CEO Change Process Has Been Scheduled Before

Restock’s Chief of Sales Rega Sardjono dismissed the issue of Farid Andika’s resignation as CEO because he was a suspect. Farid or MFA was referred to as “Cowboy Duren Sawit” because he brandished a gun after hitting someone in Duren Sawit area, East Jakarta.

According to Rega, the appointment of the new CEO of Restock.id, Tiar Nabilla Karbala was scheduled some time ago due to the transformation process carried out by the company.

“The company has indeed scheduled the change of CEO because we continue to carry out the transformation. And our business growth is quite good, because in the midst of a pandemic, many entrepreneurs are born by accident due to one condition or another, so they need financial support,” said Rega in a press release, Sunday (4/4/2021).

Restock.id CEO Change Process Has Been Scheduled Before

Rega added that Tiar had an appropriate background to create entrepreneurs by design because he had trained and produced excellent startups. With the replacement of the CEO, the company is expected to be able to produce entrepreneurs by design with training and also cadre training to become entrepreneurs.

“In addition to helping MSMEs that really need financing. We want to give birth to startup entrepreneurs and UMKM by design. The company wants to create more MSME entrepreneurs and startups who of course have a nationalist spirit to boost national economic growth with this new leadership,” said Rega.

Restock is a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platform that provides financing to MSMEs and collaborates with technology providers and warehousing centers throughout Indonesia. The funds come from financiers who invest their funds through the platform.

They build an ecosystem between financiers, financing recipients and partners, namely technology providers and warehousing centers throughout Indonesia. Currently, the value of disbursed financing reaches IDR 247.38 billion, while throughout 2021 it reaches IDR 96.99 billion.

This is Fintech Restock.id Profile

A peer-to-peer lending (P2P) platform provider startup, namely Restock.id, officially appointed Tiar Nabilla Karbala as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) replacing Muhammad Farid Andika who resigned.

The change in CEO position was not long after Farid became a suspect in the case of illegal use of airsoft weapons. This case went viral after a video of him removing objects such as a gun while driving until netizens called him a street cowboy.

Restock.id CEO Change Process Has Been Scheduled Before

Restock.id is a P2P lending provider that specializes in financing to MSMEs and collaborates with technology providers and warehousing centers in Indonesia. The funds raised are from financiers who invest through their platform.

From the Restock.id page, this company was built by people who are experienced in finance and technology. As for the Linkedin page, the new boss, Tiar, had previously worked at an international financial company, JP Morgan.

Restock, which is officially named PT Cerita Teknologi Indonesia, is majority-owned by Cerita Amanah Pte. Ltd. The CIA is a company based in Singapore and together with PT Media Kapital Nusantara agreed to inject IDR 200 billion into Restock.id 2019.

Provide a Statement Regarding the CEO Case

In addition to announcing the change of boss, Restock also gave a statement about the case which had been busy. “We invite the public to be objective and calm in responding to the existing issues,” said Chief of Sales Restock.id Rega Sardjono in a written statement received on Sunday (4/4).

Rega also said that his party has prepared several strategies to help finance larger businesses, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). In fact, he stated that shortly he would fund a startup company.

Restock.id CEO Change Process Has Been Scheduled Before

“Next week we will help a phenomenal startup with a greater investment value than ever before,” he said without referring to the name of the company. He also said that Restock.id will continue to build an ecosystem between lenders, financing recipients, and partners, namely technology and warehousing providers in Indonesia.

Last year, they channeled funding reaching IDR 247.3 billion. “So far this year, the value has reached IDR 96.9 billion. Even during a pandemic, we continue to contribute to MSMEs,” said Rega.