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GoKampus Aims for Thousand Indonesian Students to Enter Universities

GoKampus Aims for Thousand Indonesian Students to Enter Universities

The edtech startup goKampus launched a referral program in its application. This program aims to help SMA / SMK students throughout Indonesia to enter college more easily using technology.

GoKampus CEO and Founder, Nathanael Santoso, said that the referral program is part of the company’s big vision to ensure that 100 thousand Indonesian children can study through the goKampus application.

GoKampus Aims for Thousand Indonesian Students to Enter Universities

“When someone invites high school students to register for lectures using the goKampus application and the invited student uploads their report card to the goKampus application, the person who invites will get IDR 50,000 for each friend invited,” said Nathan through his statement, Monday (5/4 / 2021).

He added that goKampus always strives to facilitate access to higher education for Indonesian children through cooperation with more than 400 campuses at home and abroad.

During a pandemic like this, goKampus also provides easy access for high school students who want to find options for various local private universities (PTS) and universities abroad using one application on their smartphone.

Prioritizing the Instant Approval Feature

This application also puts forward the Instant Approval feature which allows high school students who wish to enroll in college to get confirmation of college admission in just one hour after registering and upload their report cards to the application.

This Instant Approval system is a concrete digital transformation for the fastest and cheapest college registration in Indonesia.

“This Instant Approval program makes it easier for high school students who want to enroll in college. You no longer need to fill out many forms to register with many universities, you just need to upload the grade 10-12 high school report cards to the application, then within one hour you will get confirmation of college admissions from our partner campuses, “said Nathan.

GoKampus Aims for Thousand Indonesian Students to Enter Universities

The same thing was conveyed by Jaya Suteja, Representative of New Student Admissions from the University of Surabaya (UBAYA), that the goKampus application provides a lot of information for high school students.

“Thank you goKampus for providing access to information and registration for students who are constrained by this pandemic. UBAYA together with goKampus are committed to increasing the participation of high school graduates to continue their studies,” said Jaya.

According to Nathan, goKampus strongly believes that the features in this mobile application will greatly help all SMA / SMK students in Indonesia to be able to realize their dreams and pursue higher education by taking advantage of technological advances.

Starting from applying to many universities at once using only one form, looking for scholarship providers, organizing campus activities and events, to finding internships and working after graduating from college.

“GoKampus is always ready to help and provide all necessary information for students in Indonesia so that they can get access to higher education more easily,” concluded Nathan.

Continuous Integration Service

Nathanael said, “All updates for students from the university are immediately updated on the mobile application. Whether waiting list, rejected, accepted, taking additional tests, all can easily be found from ‘My Checklist’ in the application and confirmed there.”

He said that the GoKampus application is expected to help students sustainably get digital lecture services; starting from registering many universities in one process, getting scholarships, taking care of campus activities, to getting internships and work after graduating from college.

GoKampus Aims for Thousand Indonesian Students to Enter Universities

“By embracing technology solutions with goKampus, the university also supports government programs to reduce the risk of Coronavirus transmission, because all processes, both from the student and university side, can be done digitally without physical contact,” explained Nathanael.

He said that more than 140,000 students have used this feature for various student needs. Until now, more than 4,000 students have enrolled in lectures using the “Instant Approval” feature.