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Prixa Collaborates with AdMedika to Expand the Healthcare Ecosystem in the B2B Segment

Prixa Collaborates with AdMedika to Expand the Healthcare Ecosystem in the B2B Segment

Healthtech startup Prixa officially collaborates with AdMedika to expand the healthcare ecosystem in the B2B segment. Through this partnership, AdMedika can take advantage of Prixa’s capabilities to provide services to its clients, ranging from teleconsultation, pharmacy delivery, to end-to-end on-demand labs.

Prixa Collaborates with AdMedika to Expand the Healthcare Ecosystem in the B2B Segment

This collaboration combines the strengths of both parties to capture the uninsured market segment, especially outpatient.

“This is our stepping stone for further synergies. We can leverage each other to help streamline the healthcare ecosystem. There are still many untapped markets that we can tap into,” said Prixa Co-founder and CEO James Roring at a virtual press conference.

For the initial stage, this partnership includes teleconsultation and e-prescribing services for AdMedika users. AdMedika users can now access Prixa services in the MyAdMedika application.

Meanwhile, Prixa and AdMedika synergies fully use a digital approach by utilizing APIs so that they can bypass the manual administrative process.

Meanwhile, this is called the first collaboration in the MDI Ventures portfolio between a healthtech startup and a third party administrator (TPA) company. AdMedika CEO Dwi Sulistiani added that this collaboration is in line with the company’s efforts to accelerate the digital health ecosystem.

“We were ‘matched’ by MDI Ventures to synergize. Later, the ecosystem hub will be in AdMedika and technology from Prixa. Then, the development will not only be in teleconsultation, but can also be data. We will maximize data from AI to strengthen services, we can suggest this data to the government or related stakeholders,” he added.

For information, Prixa is a web-based health service provider that claims to be the first platform with an AI-based diagnosis engine in Indonesia. Prixa offers a variety of health services, namely teleconsultation, pharmacy delivery, referrals to hospitals and clinics, and laboratories.

Meanwhile, AdMedika is a landfill company in the field of health solutions. Its main service portfolios are Health Claim Management Services, Provider Management Services, and Health Digital Services.

The company has served 5.1 million users from 145 clients from the personal, corporate and state-owned insurance sectors with more than 5,200 connected networks. AdMedika is under the auspices of PT Multimedia Nusantara (TelkomMetra) which is a subsidiary of Telkom.

Prixa Collaborates with AdMedika to Expand the Healthcare Ecosystem in the B2B Segment

Health Services in B2B

Prixa has a mission to become a digital entry point in the Indonesian healthcare industry. Currently, the Prixa platform is supported by more than 100 disease information, more than 400 pharmacy point of delivery, and 300 lab facilities.

They have also connected more than 10 million private policyholders with teleconsultation access. In Indonesia, the average healthtech industry is still dominated by teleconsultation services for B2C.

This service has grown significantly since 2020 as people reduce physical visits during the pandemic. However, the emergence of healthtech startups in B2B and B2G is considered to be able to help accelerate digitization in the health industry.

Apart from Prixa, another startup that is playing in the B2B segment is the Smart Clinic. This startup focuses on being a clinic chain provider in Indonesia that is considered to be able to touch the grass roots, a segment that is considered difficult to access health services.

Previously, the Ministry of Health 2020 noted the ratio of doctors reached 03.8 per 1,000 population, while the ratio of hospital beds was around 1.2 per 1,000 population in Indonesia.

Prixa Collaborates with AdMedika to Expand the Healthcare Ecosystem in the B2B Segment

Collaborating with Lifepack in 2021

PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia (Generali Indonesia) as one of the leading life insurance companies in Indonesia, together with Prixa, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based integrated health management platform, invites Lifepack online pharmacies to work together in meeting the drug service needs of Generali customers.

Officially, this drug redemption service was launched in February 2021. This service complements Doctor Leo’s virtual medical consultation service, which was launched in 2020 in collaboration with Prixa.

The redemption feature in Doctor Leo’s application in collaboration with Lifepack can be accessed anytime easily only through the Gen iClick application which is specially designed by Generali for all its customers.

Lifepack & Jovee CEO Natali Ardianto, said Prixa offers the sophistication of its healthcare services through AI technology.