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Printerous Trusted by Tokopedia to Increase Banner Distribution Efficiency

Printerous Trusted by Tokopedia to Increase Banner Distribution Efficiency

Printerous, the largest online printing platform in Indonesia, is trusted by e-commerce unicorn Tokopedia to increase cost efficiency in meeting printing needs by up to 60%.

By utilizing its technology, Printerous helps the printing process and installs hundreds of thousands of Tokopedia promotional banners to more than 20 major cities in Indonesia from Aceh to Makassar.

From ordering to installation it only takes 7-12 days, twice as fast as the manual ordering and distribution process.

Starting as a photo printing platform and gifts for individual needs, Printerous has now expanded its business to become a one-stop printing solution for companies/corporations.

Printerous is committed to assisting the entire printing process from upstream to downstream transparently in one door, from designing, printing, distribution, to installation.

Recognizing the many needs for promotional printing in a business, Printerous presents Printerous PRO as an efficient solution to realize the printing process from the design, production and installation stages of materials on one platform.

“Not only convenience, here we offer transparency where customers can monitor the process in real-time through an exclusive dashboard,” said Ernest Tjahjana, Chief Commercial Officer of Printerous in a statement, Monday (7/6/2021).

Tokopedia Supports Partners with Promotional Materials

It is known that Tokopedia is also trying to increase the productivity of domestic MSMEs, as evidenced by Mitra Tokopedia, an application for retail business development to go digital which now has millions of partners, such as grocery stores, stalls, kiosks, and other individual businesses.

Not only providing a platform for selling digital products, Tokopedia also supports partners by distributing promotional materials as a means of branding to increase customer trust.

Before using the Printerous PRO service, Tokopedia needed a dedicated team to complete the operational needs of each partner’s promotional materials spread across several cities in Indonesia.

Starting from editing the design, looking for print vendors in various cities, distributing to each store and ensuring that promotional materials have been installed properly.

“Previously, the process required was very long, of course we needed human resources, time, and a lot of money,” said Muhazzib, Business Development of New Retail.

The presence of Printerous PRO really helps us to be able to facilitate partners quickly, now managing production, distribution to installation can be through one platform.

In addition, the available tracking feature makes the process transparent and we can find out the status of each distribution point

Printerous PRO hopes that digitizing this print service can bring changes to brands, especially those who have trade marketing needs or many branches throughout Indonesia so that they can be more efficient in meeting their promotional print needs.

Time, energy and even the saved costs can be diverted for business development, so that productivity and the pace of the Indonesian economy can go faster.

One of GVV Graduate Startups 2020

Printerous, who graduated from the 3rd batch of GVV in 2020, was able to develop his business and contribute to encouraging the recovery of the national economy through his support for MSMEs.  Printerous has also collaborated with many MSMEs in the last 12 months.

“We are a platform that connects packaging printing service providers to MSMEs. Over the past 12 months, we have collaborated a lot with tailor MSMEs, especially to produce masks,” he said.

Kevin saw, during the pandemic, there were many new MSMEs in Indonesia. Especially micro-enterprises or small home-based businesses.

Many small home-based businesses are engaged in the food and beverage sector.  There Printerous works to assist them in printing micro business product packaging.

“They need packaging. Finally, we brought up a product line up without a minimum order quantity. So without an order quantity, they can order packaging with branding from the MSMEs,” he said.

Currently, Printerous services are focused on meeting the printing and packaging needs of MSMEs.

The need for branding, promotional materials, and packaging is also an important part for MSMEs at this time to be able to continue to grow, especially MSMEs in the culinary field.