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PopWonders marks the first eCommerce marketplace

PopWonders marks the first eCommerce marketplace

POPWONDERS, the first and only e-commerce marketplace specialising in product and service subscription, aims to help all small and medium business owners to start an uninterrupted online business via the subscription model.

Sean Leong, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of PopWonders announced that the company’s website will officially launch in the third quarter of 2020. PopWonders sets eyes on being the No.1 e-commerce platform for subscription in Malaysia. PopWonders helps merchants to launch their own subscription-based businesses by streamlining the processes for them.

PopWonders marks the first eCommerce marketplace

PopWonders allows merchants or retailers to list their products and use the backend system for FREE.  The platform automates subscription processing and transactions for online merchants and charges a minimal fee to the customers for each transaction. On top of handling all of the financial transactions for their merchants, PopWonders also provides services like inventory management/shipping tools, brand-building assistance via influencer marketing, hybrid AI chatbot and in-depth data analytics.

PopWonders’ subscription business model is built around monthly boxes that contain dependable recurring revenue for sustainable businesses. However it does not limit to products only, it does have services for subscription available as well. These subscriptions are an increasingly popular niche in e-commerce.

“Our platform only requires the sellers to be experts on their product and service, then we will handle the rest for them. It allows anyone to sell anything online and market fast without setting their own platform, at the same time ensure sales are ‘closed’ by subscription business model.” said Leong.

PopWonders marks the first eCommerce marketplace

Leong, an MBA and Ph.D. in Computer Science holder, with years of experience with Fortune 500 and MNCs companies, leads the startup enter and is awarded world well-recognized programmes including Startup School by Y Combinator, Dream Factory by MyStartr, Global Accelerator Program by MaGIC and Selangor Accelerator Program by SITEC.

Much like food trucks are a toehold into the restaurant scene, subscription services help small business owners sell their wares online, generating predictable revenue streams with fewer inventory problems.

Merchants who use PopWonders and have successfully launched their subscription services are small business owners with a strong following on Social Media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

PopWonders marks the first eCommerce marketplace

PopWonders aspires to prop up the retail fad in Malaysia by helping small and medium business owners expanding their business online through this e-commerce platform. Instead of focusing to close ‘the deal’, an individual sale with a big profit margin, Leong wants merchants to secure recurring revenues by continuously building good relationships with their clientele and offering a unique and delightful online shopping experience.

Leong added, “PopWonders will launch our ‘Subscription Academy’ soon to guide our merchants on how to start a subscription-based business. We want to help small business owners who are affected by COVID-19 pandemic to expand their customer base online and generate more revenues in the future. This academy will provide the necessary knowledge and skills for these merchants on building a more sustainable business plan with the right tools and features we offer on PopWonders”.