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Otozilla Presents as a Social Commerce Platform for Automotive Products

Otozilla Presents as a Social Commerce Platform for Automotive Products

Aiming to broaden the education and awareness of the general public about the importance of personal vehicle maintenance that is used daily, the Otozilla automotive-focused social commerce platform was launched. One of the focuses is on facilitating the community.

Otozilla Co-Founder & CEO Kenny Joseph said that Indonesia is currently the largest country that has a community of automotive lovers in Southeast Asia. Proving opportunities to accommodate their services and needs.

“Most of those who are members of the community are not only interested in one vehicle brand, but also want to expand their networking. We hope that more information can be obtained to workshop recommendations and other car and motorcycle maintenance needs,” said Kenny.

In addition to the community, Otozilla also functions as a marketplace that offers merchants the opportunity to sell cars and motorcycles to products and other types of vehicle maintenance on one platform.

Each seller is required to pay a premium membership fee, can take advantage of platforms that function as social media, manage members to activate events for various automotive communities.

Although it does not yet have many workshop partners and merchants, Otozilla claims to have products that have been validated and guaranteed quality.

“For the community, at this time, we don’t charge a fee, so they are free to create a special page for each member in the community. We also provide an Organizational Management System that can be used by those who want to manage members and hold automotive activities at Otozilla,” said Kenny.

Unlike platforms like Carsome to OLX Autos, Otozilla wants to be a social commerce platform that provides a single platform for all the activities of the automotive community in the country.

A similar player that has previously offered a similar concept is Modification.com. Currently, Otozilla has received pre-seed funding from several angel investors.

“We are lucky enough to get an angel investor who has a background of 20 years in the automotive world. Thus, it can help us to broaden our horizons and expand our network in the automotive world,” said Kenny.

Launching the DASH Software

To provide complete information about the condition of the driver’s vehicle, Otozillalaunched DASH. The hope is that it can provide solutions to help drivers understand better and also be assisted in car maintenance and driving safety.

By using devices (hardware) that can be purchased at various e-commerce services, later accurate information can be obtained about the condition of private vehicles. All of this can be done by embedding software developed by Otozilla in each vehicle.

“Indonesia is a country that is quite lagging behind in this technology compared to other countries. In the future we want to develop this technology through integration with other services developed by ourselves or through partnerships with related parties,” said Kenny.

The subscription fee offered for DASH is around IDR 200 thousand (lifetime) for the initial version. For the next version Otozilla will charge a subscription fee for 6 to 12 months for subscribers. They are targeting to sell 2.5 million DASH units in 2022.

Attended by Representatives of the Automotive Community

The launch of the DASH system was attended by representatives from 20 automotive communities in Indonesia which have more than 28,000 members. It is hoped that in the future it can increase the knowledge of the Indonesian people about the importance of maintaining vehicles and also safety in driving.

“We recognize the importance of automotive literacy, therefore we will continue to look for new initiatives to ensure a better future for the automotive industry,” said Kenny.

Otozilla also has plans to launch an emergency feature in the form of a special button that can be accessed by the driver. It is planned that this feature will be launched in the third quarter of next year.

“We want more people in the future to understand and understand the condition of their cars and motorbikes. Not only automotive lovers, but the general public who don’t really like automotive but often use their vehicles to provide comfort when driving,” concluded Kenny.