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Many Fintech Startup Joined an Exhibition in Surabaya

Many Fintech Startup Joined an Exhibition in Surabaya

Nowadays, many startup are offering fintech services in this country. There are even 144 peer-to-peer (P2P) fintech loan platforms registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The development of digital technology services in Indonesia continues to grow. This can be seen from the emergence of financial technology applications (Fintech). 

Even more interesting, the accumulated distribution of loan funds that they disbursed more than Rp60 trillion. To strengthen its services, the Indonesian Fin Financing Technology Association (AFPI) held a Fin Technology Exhibition in Surabaya recently. AFPI invites the public to understand and utilize the ease of application of information technology wisely.

Many Fintech Startup Joined an Exhibition in Surabaya

TunaiKita, one of the pioneers of Fintech P2P Lending in Indonesia, also attended the event. The platform, which has been in operation for more than two years, has channeled loans of more than Rp2.1 trillion to more than 536 thousand customers in 160 cities and districts throughout Indonesia.

2019 Fintech Exhibition Surabaya, 80 Participating Fintech Companies

The 2019 Fintech exhibition in Surabaya is targeting ten thousand visitors to learn the benefits and opportunities of the products offered by 80 fin technology companies. This event is expected to expand access to financial services. It also aims to make people more aware of the fin technology industry.

InklusiBaik’s Hashtag brought by TunaiKita has actively provided the latest information, transparency, access, convenience, and solutions for community loan needs, both for consumptive and productive activities.

Many Fintech Startup Joined an Exhibition in Surabaya

Kredit Pintar is another company that attended the 2019 Finis Technology Exhibition in Surabaya. The company is carrying out an ongoing campaign called #JadiBerani (Becoming Brave) as a form of support in realizing regional economic development. At the same time, he encouraged government programs to promote sound financial inclusion.

In line with the aim of the 2019 Finland Technology Exhibition to expand education about fin technology, Kredit Pintarprovides insight into the fin technology industry broadly and evenly. Through the #JadiBerani campaign, Kredit Pintar facilitates financial services for all levels of society.

To Support Healthy Financial Inclusion Is the Purpose of the Exhibition

Wisely Wijaya, CEO of Kredit Pintar, said that their participation in the 2019 Finland Technology Exhibition is based on the ranking of East Java provinces in the distribution of Kredit Pintar in Indonesia. It is hoped that our participation can help OJK and AFPI in promoting economic growth.

Kredit Pintar provides access to financial services for the people of East Java, Surabaya, and surrounding areas. Thus, they can get credit access quickly, efficiently, and transparently. Based on Kredit Pintar data in October 2019, the company has disbursed loans in the East Java region of more than 900 billion. Some other online credits that also make it easier for the community is:

1. Tunaikita

The company engaged in the field of fintech can provide loans for people who need funds, both in small loans and large loans. That way it is not uncommon for someone to be able to get capital easily.

2. My Tuning

This company is also engaged in the field of fintech, but certainly, every fintech company has its policies, including how much loans can be lent.

Many Fintech Startup Joined an Exhibition in Surabaya

3. Wise funds

This company offers loans with low interest and the speed of disbursement of funds is quite short. This company has also been supervised directly by the FSA so that it will make the borrowers feel safe.

Fintech exhibition itself is a program of socialization and education about financial technology presented by AFPI together with OJK. For 3 days, the implementation of the Fin Technology Exhibition in Surabaya will be supported by dozens of fintech startup that are filled with activities such as exhibitions, discussions, and networking.