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Logisly is Flooded with Orders during the Pandemic

Logisly is Flooded with Orders during the Pandemic

The use of e-commerce services has surged during the corona pandemic. Demand for goods delivery on logistics startup platform Logisly has also increased by 10% or more. Logisly Co-Founder and CEO Roolin Njotosetiadi said the increase occurred during the first semester.

“Growing double digits and this growth is certainly healthy,” he said during a virtual press conference, Wednesday (30/9). He explained that the company focuses on goods delivery services that are of interest during the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them are packages ordered through e-commerce and are health-related.

Logisly is Flooded with Orders during the Pandemic

The startup also diversifies market segments, so that demand comes from various sectors, from Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG), electronics, export-import, e-commerce to technology companies. “Support e-commerce from the backbone. This sector continues to grow,” said Roolin. In addition, requests come from government projects such as social assistance.

Logically, at least 1,000 partners were recruited during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of them are Unilever, Haier, Grab, Maersk, and FedEx. The company is now hooking up with transporter partners, with 40 thousand trucks entering the ecosystem.

Logisly bridging company users and transporters. The available features include real-time monitoring of shipments or live tracking, digital documents for travel documents and others, and invoicing. The company charges a commission on transactions between shippers and transporter.

Deputy Secretary of the Venture Capital Association for Indonesian Startups (Amvesindo) Andreas Surya said logistics startups like Logisly grew significantly in this mid-week. One of the driving factors in e-commerce.

The Company Continues to Strengthen Its Logistics Network

Logisly, a startup technology company in the Indonesian logistics sector, recorded its achievements in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic by becoming the platform of choice for more than 1,000 companies for shipping throughout Indonesia.

Logisly continues to strengthen its logistics network by diversifying target markets and fleets to increase logistics efficiency in Indonesia through technology. Since operating in early April 2019, Logisly has continued to grow as a platform to bridge shipper companies and truck service providers (transporter) on service routes that now cover all of Indonesia.

Logisly is Flooded with Orders during the Pandemic

The Logisly platform makes it easy for goods owners or shippers to book trucks, and for truck owners to get additional orders and income. Unlike conventional companies, Logisly is not fixated on certain types of trucks or routes.

Logisly’s Co-Founder & CTO, Robbi Baskoro, added, “Our network is quite extensive compared to other alternatives in the market where we provide a complete range of trucks and service areas, ranging from Blindvan, Engkel, Wingbox, Trailer, and various other fleets for delivery throughout Indonesia. We also ensure that the availability of trucks is 99% to meet the demands of shippers and the changing market during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

A Logical Strategic Step to Meet the Needs of the Shipper

Partnering with transporters, which currently number more than 40,000 fleets, is a strategic step for Logisly to be able to meet the needs of shippers and the market during the Covid-19 pandemic and in the future. “We also maintain our commitment to our transporters by making sure our orders are smooth and of course our payments are maintained,” continued Roolin.

Logisly is Flooded with Orders during the Pandemic

This industrial diversification strategy has helped Logisly’s growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Where there are several sectors that have declined, we continue to carry out orders from sectors whose shipments have increased, for example, health and pharmaceuticals, where we send vaccines, hand sanitizers, masks, and others,” said Roolin.

“Logisly is optimistic that we can continue to grow and are trusted by more corporate partners in today’s challenging situation. We also recently closed a Series A funding which we will use for business development and operations and this shows the confidence of investors not only in Logisly, but also in the logistics industry.” Roolin closed