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Lakuuu Presents Integrated Services to Help MSMEs Enter the Online Market

Lakuuu Presents Integrated Services to Help MSMEs Enter the Online Market

Targeting MSMe players, Lakuuu offers an all-in-one solution for business website creation and digital marketing. 

Lakuuu Presents Integrated Services to Help MSMEs Enter the Online Market

Founded by Cynthia Tulus Makmud (CEO) together with two colleagues, namely AndryTjiajadi and Hendrawan Harjanto, they have a mission to simplify the process of moving MSMEs to digital platforms by building their own promotion and sales sites.

After 2020 the company focused on developing features to gathering early-stage users, this month Lakuuu officially launched a grand launch to the public. Since launching, there have been more than 4000 MSME partners from all over Indonesia who have joined.

“Lakuu was founded in the midst of a pandemic. So far, the effects of the pandemic that we have felt are the number of offline MSME businesses that want to go digital, so our target market is also expanding. From only targeting online MSMEs, to online and offline MSMEs. 30% of all our users based offline and have never had an online platform before,” said Cynthia.

Although currently there are many platforms that offer similar services like Lakuuu, in particular they claim to have significant differences. 

By providing an all-in-one platform, which means that users do not need to integrate or add any more plugins to their site, because all services are provided holistically.

The plugins referred to here are for product settings, content settings, payments, shipping cost calculations, and even package pick-up services. Other platforms usually add a cost/advanced process that takes time if users want to have these features on their website.

Seeing the increasing number of MSME players using marketplace channels such as official stores, Lakuuu also provides digital marketing consulting services for various sales channels.

“We believe that marketplaces, social media, and websites have different functions and added value for users. All three need to be managed optimally to help business development. Lakuuu always provides this understanding to potential users, so that management of all platforms is carried out according to their functions,” said Cynthia.

Lakuuu Presents Integrated Services to Help MSMEs Enter the Online Market

Action Plan for 2022

After inaugurating its presence, Lakuuu presents many new features to increase service quality and make it easier for merchants. Among them is a new dashboard design that is simpler and easier to operate.

“Lakuuu provides a free trial period of 2 months for each user, then followed by a subscription period if the user wants to continue activating their website. We think the free trial period of 2 months is more than enough for users to fill out their website and try to operate or sell via web,” said Cynthia.

The number of Lakuuu users has grown by more than 200% in the last 3 months. This year, they also recorded a GMV of almost IDR 1 billion.

In the future, Lakuuu plans to collaborate with several parties who have the same mission to digitize Indonesian MSMEs to achieve an 8-10x increase in GMV next year. The company also has plans to conduct a series A fundraising phase in 2022.

Previously, Lakuuu had received initial funding from a number of angel investors and funds belonging to the founders. In 2022 Lakuuu wants to enrich the products and services offered, especially in the digital marketing section.

Lakuuu Presents Integrated Services to Help MSMEs Enter the Online Market

E-commerce growth enabler in Indonesia

E-commerce enabler startups provide A-Z (end-to-end) digital strategy services to other business units that want to sell their products online.

The range of services offered includes content production, page creation in the marketplace, website creation, marketing execution, integration of online sales channels, to product delivery to customers.

According to data from the KemenkopUKM, the number of MSMEs that go digital in Indonesia has increased by 99% compared to the period before the pandemic. Digitally adapting MSMEs increased to 15.9 million or 24.9% of the total 65 million MSME actors.

Previously, in Indonesia there were only about 8 million digitally connected MSMEs. To help go-digital businesses, there are currently several platforms available for the local market, such as aCommerce, SIRCLO, 8Commerce, JetCommerce and Anchanto.