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Kopi Kenangan Ambition Trains 1,000 Baristas for Overseas Expansion

Kopi Kenangan Ambition Trains 1,000 Baristas for Overseas Expansion

The culinary startup Kopi Kenangan plans to expand overseas. This technology-based cafe network startup company also plans to provide training to 1,000 line candidates. Kopi Kenangan has held a training program called Memories Academy since the end of last year. The company has provided over 5,000 training, and produced 1,000 baristas.

The startup is targeting to produce 1,000 new baristas in the second half of this year. The trick is to provide 5,000 training again. This effort is in line with Kopi Kenangan’s plans to expand to other countries.

Kopi Kenangan Ambition Trains 1,000 Baristas for Overseas Expansion

Currently, the company has 350 thousand outlets. “Our spirit is to produce quality employees, along with the development of outlets and plans to expand overseas,” said Head of Human Resources and General Affairs Kopi Kenangan Nia Qoyimmah during a virtual press conference, Thursday (27/8).

However, the co-founder and CEO of Kopi Kenangan, Edward Tirtanata, did not specify the target countries. He only mentioned that he would expand to other countries in Southeast Asia. The reason is that the market potential in the region is quite large. The company also has a vision of dominating the Southeast Asian coffee market.

There will be Rebranding

Along with the plan, the company will change its name or rebranding. This is so that the brand can be more accepted internationally. To support the plan, the company held a training program to find skilled workers. Currently, the startup employs more than 2,800 employees.

However, the training program was plagued by the corona pandemic. Companies must implement strict health protocols, one of which limits the capacity of participants to only 50% per session. Trainers and participants are also required to wear face shields and masks and diligently wash their hands.

Kopi Kenangan Ambition Trains 1,000 Baristas for Overseas Expansion

The training program also consists of various categories such as ready to work or get ready to work, barista certification, buddy trainer certification. Then, leadership development, a halal assurance system, as well as sanitation and food safety. Therefore, not all training participants will be recruited by Kopi Kenangan.

Kopi Kenangan facilitates the training by providing a coffee machine, room, bar mockup. The trainer who provides the material also has a National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) certification. Last May, the company also received series B funding of US$ 109 million or around IDR 1.62 trillion, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The funding was led by former investor Sequoia Capital, followed by Alpha JWC. In addition, there are new investors participating, namely B Capital, Horizons Ventures, Verlinvest, Kunlun, and Sofina.

Encourage Transactions, Kopi Kenangan and Fore Give Discounts of up to IDR 45,000

Culinary startups Kopi Kenangan and Fore Coffee provide various promotions to encourage transactions in the midst of the corona pandemic. Discounts are offered in the form of discounts of IDR 20 thousand to IDR 45 thousand, and 100% cashback.

Fore is working with ShopeePay to provide discount vouchers of IDR 20 thousand for IDR 1. The vouchers can be obtained through the Shopee application, in the ‘Deals Around You’ section. Kopi Kenangan is on sale for its third anniversary.

Kopi Kenangan Ambition Trains 1,000 Baristas for Overseas Expansion

This promotion is valid during August, in various forms each week. The promotions include “buy 2 get 2 free” for ex-memorable iced coffee products and 100% cashback up to IDR 18 thousand if you use GoPay.

Then, 30% cashback for up to 10 thousand coins when using ShopeePay. Then, a discount voucher for IDR 1. In addition, IDR 45 thousand discount with a minimum purchase of IDR 100 thousand through GoFood. Then, a discount of IDR 35 thousand through GrabFood. There is also a 33% cashback with a maximum of IDR 10 thousand if you use BRI Mobile on weekdays. The company is also focused on implementing health protocols. Kopi Kenangan implements equipment sanitation every hour using UV Waterless Sterilizer which is claimed to kill 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and germ