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Klik and AdaKerja Ready to Help Digitize MSMEs in Indonesia

Klik and AdaKerja Ready to Help Digitize MSMEs in Indonesia

In this case, Klik helps SMEs to develop their own online sales channels, without relying on large platforms. According to Klik’s Co-Founder, Francis Anugerah, by creating an independent online platform, MSME players can sell directly to consumers without paying commission fees on the marketplace.

The Covid-19 pandemic must be acknowledged as having an impact on the decline in the turnover of a number of business actors, especially at the MSME level.

This is due to the limitation of mobility, including the reduction of the operating hours of the place of business. As a result, some MSMEs were forced to go out of business due to not being able to bear the burden of the company’s production and operational costs.

Klik and AdaKerja Ready to Help Digitize MSMEs in Indonesia

However, there are also MSME actors who choose to switch to doing business online. With this change, Klik as a business development startup is here to help MSME players start switching to selling online.

“Along with crowded marketplaces such as Tokopedia and Shopee, MSMEs in the future must develop independent online business channels without relying on large platforms,” ​​said Francis in an official statement received, Wednesday (9/6/2021).

Klik Program for SMEs

Francis also said Klik is ready to help business people create their online store websites easily and without commission fees. For the period June 1 to October 31, 2021, Klik offers all online store variants for free for the first year.

Later, business people can create websites to sell anywhere and anytime, including on social media, such as Instagram.

“Klik now has helped more than 3,000 MSMEs in Indonesia build and develop their online businesses,” said Klik’s Co-Founder, William Lunt.

One of Klik’s users, Pomade Store Cirebon, admitted that having their own website had a huge impact on their sales on social media.

Klik and AdaKerja Ready to Help Digitize MSMEs in Indonesia

According to Pomade Store Cirebon, the existence of a website makes their business look more professional, while increasing the trust of followers.

“Klik also makes it easier for sellers and buyers because they can order directly on social media, complete with payment and logistics check-out features. We also use the Klik website to join Instagram Shopping,” said Pomade Store Cirebon.

Besides Klik, There’s also Work to Bridge MSMEs

The new startup AdaKerja wants to be a platform that bridges MSMEs and skilled workers. They just got $1 million in funding from Beenext and want to be more aggressive.

In fact, MSMEs absorb up to 97% of the total workforce in Indonesia. Also, it serves as a safeguard against the economic crisis for low-income people.

Therefore, AdaKerja founder Ashwin Tiwari believes that the MSME ecosystem needs to be managed properly.

“This includes digitizing its performance,” said Ashwin. According to him, the acceleration of digital transformation in micro, small and medium enterprises is the key to inclusive economic growth.

Klik and AdaKerja Ready to Help Digitize MSMEs in Indonesia

“Therefore, AdaKerja will make it easier for MSME entrepreneurs to connect with workers and vice versa,” he explained. AdaKerja, according to Ashwin, wants to minimize difficulties in managing MSMEs.

Including maximizing managerial functions to run much more easily and efficiently. There are several features in AdaKerja that are quite interesting for MSMEs. For example Recruit to get relevant candidates based on ability.

Then, Attendance to monitor worker performance with verified online attendance with selfie photos and real-time GPS location. Lastly, is Salary to pay workers salaries, benefits, and bonuses automatically with one Klik, without any interbank transfer fees.

“Attendance and Salary have just been launched last February 2021,” explained Ashwin. Although relatively new, Ashwin is confident because the AdaKerja Attendance feature has been absorbed by more than 3,000 MSME entrepreneurs and immediately recorded a total transaction value of up to Rp 800 million in Ramadan 2021.

Presumably, their move to provide solutions to MSMEs was well received. “Our vision is to digitize business processes and answer the needs of employee managerial processes for MSME entrepreneurs,” said Ashwin.