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Kargo Application’s Update Easily Manage Transporters Orders

Kargo Application’s Update Easily Manage Transporters Orders

The logistical marketplace service provider startup, Kargo Tech, recently announced an update for the Kargo Vendor Application. The Kargo Vendor application is an Android-based application that makes it easy for Transporters (truck owners) to register, get verified, view shipping request information, make offers, and receive orders easily on just one platform.

In addition, the application, which was launched in 2019, even allows transporters to get initial funding support to carry out their business operations. From a business perspective, the Kargo Vendor Application update makes it easy to access the bargaining process for optimized shipping orders and get instant payments upfront.

Kargo Application’s Update Easily Manage Transporters Orders

“The existing traditional system is considered as a challenge for Transporters in getting information on shipping and order requests plus the lack of transparency in terms of price which causes complicated negotiations that are usually done by phone or WhatsApp message,” said Tiger Fang, CEO of Kargo Tech.

By simply clicking the “Accept Now” button in the Kargo Vendor application, users can directly approve the prices posted by shippers who currently have thousands joining the Kargo Tech marketplace platform.

After the shipment order is confirmed, the Kargo Tech Transporters can immediately make deliveries supported by the Kargo Partner application to be able to monitor the status and location of the shipment.

Kargo App Offers Solutions for Users

Regarding the update on the Kargo Tech application, Fang revealed that the Transporters appreciated all the information that could be accessed through the application easily and clearly so that they could get information regarding shipping orders at any time.

Price transparency and speed of response from Kargo Tech to the bidding process are also an added value for Transporters, making it easier for them to get new orders and increase revenue.

“After getting the price quote information from the sender, the Kargo Tech application algorithm will assist in selecting the right Transporter,” Fang added.

Kargo Application’s Update Easily Manage Transporters Orders

Fang explained again, another update in this application is the Transporter truck verification feature, which is used to ensure that trucks are available and makes it easier for selected Transporters to attach the required legal documents directly in the application so that they can be verified virtually.

“With this update, Kargo Tech is strengthening its position as a technology-based logistics company in Indonesia following Presidential Instruction No.5 of 2020 concerning the improvement and structuring of logistic ecosystems throughout Indonesia. This is also in line with Kargo Tech’s vision to help the Indonesian logistics industry move towards an era of digitalization,” Fang concluded.

Opening Job Opportunities for Layoff Victims

Kargo Tech, a startup company or logistical service provider in Indonesia, provides business opportunities for workers who have just been laid off as a transporter partner.

The opportunity to become an independent entrepreneur or self-preneur at Kargo Tech is open to everyone. Only by owning a truck and ready to take orders from Kargo Tech customers, Indonesian self-managers can pursue business in logistics.

Kargo Application’s Update Easily Manage Transporters Orders

Kargo Tech CEO, Tiger Fang, said that his party created positive opportunities for layoff victims to become entrepreneurs in the logistics field. This exciting opportunity is in line with the increasing demand for goods delivery with small trucks or trucks with the type of diesel double colt (CDD) and the diesel colt crank (CDE).

“In this pandemic, we see an increase in demand for CDD and CDE trucks for shipping up to 10 times compared to the normal period. This shows the opportunity for new self-managers in the realm of logistics to join Kargo Tech as transport partners,” Tiger Fang said.

Furthermore, Tiger Fang said, in addition to the opportunity to become self-managers in the logistics business and utilizing Kargo Tech technology to get orders and manage and monitor shipments easily, transporter partners can also enjoy the smart financing solution program.