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5 Interesting Events from Coworking Space Surabaya Providers

5 Interesting Events from Coworking Space Surabaya Providers

You know that various events can be held by coworking space Surabaya providers. This activity is a regular schedule which is always done by them. The aim is to give a beneficial event for their members, especially for startup businesses. 

Joining this event is really important. It doesn’t matter whether the theme of the event is having a different scope than your business. It is because you will have a chance to learn about something new. It is not only a business scope, but also more.

5 Interesting Events from Coworking Space Surabaya Providers

Besides, you can also meet a lot of people or businessmen. It means that you have a chance to know or even have a discussion with them. It is what you call networking. It can be really great because maybe both of you could have cooperation then.

Maybe now you are questioning about what kinds of events which are usually held by a coworking space. Actually, the events are varied. Each coworking space may offer different events too. The schedule can be different as well. Below are some of the events. 

Events You can join in Coworking Space Surabaya

1. Event for Startup

The most frequently created event is for a startup or new business. The target of this event is also an online seller. A coworking space provider will invite experienced speakers to come. Besides, actually this meeting can be also done online. It was like an online meeting.

This event brings so many positive impacts on the new startup business. They can now everything about that business. It is, especially in Indonesia. It is recommended for you to join this event. It will give you a clear overview of the condition and challenge.

This event will also share some tips on starting a new online business. It will ensure that you are not doing the wrong thing for this business. It can prevent you from any loss. In addition, you will also get new knowledge about online marketing.

It is a marketing procedure that will use the internet as the media. It is what all people do in this recent era. That is why; you need to do and practice this thing too. If it is not, you will not able to compete in the competition. 

2. Inviting the Inspirational Speakers

Most of the coworking space Surabaya providers will use the experienced and inspirational speakers for an event. However, they may not only invite one but more. The speakers usually have different skills and expertise based on the theme of an event.

It gives you a chance to know that all people can succeed. We know that they have a lot of experiences. Usually, some young investor can be also invited to be a speaker in that event. They will share all their experiences, challenges, and more. 

The events are usually not only focusing on the tips, discussion, and how to do an investment. There are more events with different aims that can be held. One of the most interesting things is cooperation with another university from a different country.

You can ask various questions related to a business in this event. The lecturer of that university can be a speaker for this. That is why; you can say that a program from coworking space is also recommended for university students.

5 Interesting Events from Coworking Space Surabaya Providers

3. Events about Women

It is maybe a little bit strange. Why a coworking space made an event about women? Well, actually it is not about women and their life. However, it is more to understand the role of women in a business and how far they can go. 

It is an interesting event because you cannot deny that there is a stereotype about women in our society. Some people will still think that women cannot do better than men and more. This event wants to break that stereotype and understanding.

That is why; a coworking space provider will invite the successful businesswomen to be the speaker of this event. They will share their experience in empowering women to enter the technology industry. It is to offer gender differentiation.

It is not only for women, men must join this event too. It can give a new perspective and understanding of women in the business world. The target of this event is also young people who are maybe not confident yet to start a business.

4. Collaboration with Other Providers

There is a competition that can be held by several coworking space providers. They can collaborate to create an event about startup competition. This event wants to support the young businessmen and businesswomen to join conferences about startups.

Joining various conferences and workshops about a startup is a must. It will make them able to create an interesting and beneficial concept for their business. Since it is a competition, there will be a reward for the winners. So, what is the reward given by a coworking space?

Actually it can be money, gifts, or others. However, usually, the winners or some members will be able to show their work to the world. Their business will be shown at an international conference. It is really a great reward for all startup businesses. 

5. Special events for Public

The event made by coworking space can be held only for the members that they have. However, they can also make some events for the public. It means that people can also join that event although they are not a member of those coworking space. 

5 Interesting Events from Coworking Space Surabaya Providers

It can be a great moment for the members. It means that you will meet a lot of people who come from various business scopes. There is also a chance that you will meet the new investors as well. That is why; you have to join this kind of event.

There will be some interesting things to be discussed. The coworking space provider will choose the latest and most discussed theme. It is done to attract a lot of people to join this event. In addition, it can give new knowledge for members too.

So, social meetings or events are always done by coworking space. It is not only one, they will make more. It can be done every month, every week, or maybe every year. You must find the information from the coworking space Surabaya first.

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