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5 Reasons Coworking Space Bandung Becomes the Favorite Place

5 Reasons Coworking Space Bandung Becomes the Favorite Place

Some startup business in Indonesia starts their job from coworking space Bandung. In fact, there are so many successful startup businesses in the country at the moment. They can make an amazing profit and for sure popularity. That is why; a lot of people want to start it too.

It has become one of the triggers for young people in Indonesia to compete in making startups. As pioneers, certainly not all of them can directly have their own office or company building. This opportunity brought the idea to create a shared workspace.

5 Reasons Coworking Space Bandung Becomes the Favorite Place

It is done by providing office rental or workspace facilities. In a small town, coworking space may not be too well known, but it is different from in a big city. One of them is Bandung. Various coworking spaces were built there. 

At least there are several reasons startup founders prefer coworking space over conventional building leases to do work activities or operational needs. If you know the reason, then it will be very useful. You will not feel hesitant to start working from here. 

What You will get in Coworking Space Bandung

1. Networking

One of the keys to a successful entrepreneur is his wide network. Not only an entrepreneur who likes to hire coworking space, other professions such as freelancers, bloggers, and consultants also did it. Problems from various backgrounds can produce collaboration and existing problems can be solved.

In a coworking space area, you can meet a lot of businessmen from various different fields. It can give some benefits to you as a businessman. Knowing their knowledge is so essential. In addition, they can also get some knowledge from you. 

You have to be friendly every day. If there is a chance, you can have a discussion with them. It doesn’t matter whether they come from a different business scope. Sometimes, it even can be a great opportunity for you to create new cooperation in the future.

2. More Economic

Starting a business often has budget constraints. One solution to overcome this is by renting coworking space. Compared to renting a building for work that is too big, coworking space is the right choice to save a budget. It is recommended for a new business.

By renting an office or space in coworking space, tenants can choose the period of use according to their budget and needs. Usually, a coworking space provider will provide you with several leases. Those are the daily rent and monthly rent. 

The daily rent is different than the monthly one. It means you can come to rent a co-working space for several hours a day. Then, there is also a procedure so-called monthly rent. It is suitable for you who wave the long term plan.

As the name suggests, monthly rent means you pay the rent only once a month. On the other hand, you can rent a co-working space privately or as part of a public area. Public area means you use coworking space together with other people.

5 Reasons Coworking Space Bandung Becomes the Favorite Place

3. The coworking space atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant

The Rigid office habits or rules for coming in early in the evening and leaving the afternoon can create a traffic jam. It can affect the mood for work. A large number of coworking spaces with the facilities offered is a solution to this.

In addition, you can freely wear clothes without rigid and formal rules. It is what makes you comfortable. In addition, the facilities provided also make your atmosphere more pleasant. The boredom and sleepiness that often comes can be resolved with chat buddies from various professions.

Quite often coworking space is also equipped with other facilities such as cafes and kitchens. It means you can snack and order food when resting. Nowadays there are even many coworking spaces which are also famous for the food and drinks they serve.

4. Regular Events for Member

The most important reason why people love coworking space is because of the events. Most of the coworking spaces in Indonesia always hold some events regularly; they can use various different themes for these events. It can be a super essential moment for you.

Why? It is because in that event you will get a rare moment to meet other businessmen. They can come from various different business scopes. Their business is maybe not in line with yours, but who knows that you can make profitable cooperation in the future?

You can know the schedule of the events from a coworking space’s website. They will write everything there. It is also important to get close to the staff there. It is because you can get earlier information about the events that will be held, you can have enough preparations.

This benefit is often hard to get if you work from an office conventionally. You may not too often to meet other new people who run different business. That is why; it is better to try working from a coworking space at least once. You may see and get a new opportunity every day.

5 Reasons Coworking Space Bandung Becomes the Favorite Place

5. Amazing Interior and Atmosphere

What is the most important thing for a startup business? It can be created. That is why; the startup businessman must be supported by all the things which can trigger their creativity. One of the most effective ways is creating a comfortable place to work.

Coworking space is mostly designed with an interesting look. All the rooms are designed artistically. There are so many concepts that a coworking space may have. The examples are the green, outdoor, industrial, game center, and more. They also offer complete facilities to work in.

That is why; you will get a different atmosphere by working in a coworking space. It is not too flat just like a common office design. You will get something new. In addition, if you are bored by a coworking space, moving to another is also possible to do.It is clear that coworking space becomes the favorite place, especially for a startup. They can fill all their business need by using coworking space facilities. It also becomes a recommended place for a young entrepreneur. The coworking space Bandung is so suitable for them.

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