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Job Search Platform KitaLulus Receives Initial Funding Led by Go-Ventures

Job Search Platform KitaLulus Receives Initial Funding Led by Go-Ventures

Professional networking and job search platform KitaLulus, successfully secured early-stage funding led by Go-Ventures. This round was also attended by several angel investors including Phil Opamuratawongse (Shipper), JJ Chai (Rainforest), Aldi Haryopratomo, YC Ng (AC Ventures), and Abhinay Peddisetty (BukuWarung).

There is no mention of the amount of funding disbursed in this round. The company plans to use this fresh fund to strengthen its product and technology team, while also expanding its market reach in Indonesia.

The company has a vision to help Indonesia get back to work after Covid-19 by connecting the masses with the right networks and job opportunities.

KitaLulus Co-Founder Stevien Jimmy also revealed that in the next five to ten years, the productive age population in Indonesia is projected to increase by up to 20%.

Meanwhile, there are still many challenges, including access and opportunities that are not yet inclusive. On the other hand, conventional solutions are considered less efficient and ineffective. KitaLulus wants to try to solve this problem by offering a comprehensive solution.

Job Search Platform KitaLulus Receives Initial Funding Led by Go-Ventures

Already Launched Platform in 2021

Previously, KitaLulus had launched its networking and professional work platform in October 2021. There are three main functions offered in the platform. First, the upskill program for professional and government purposes.

In this online course, users can measure and practice their skills by doing questions. Video tutorials are also provided to support the deepening of the topic. Currently the available programs are for the preparation of CPNS, teacher PPPK, and official schools.

In addition, users can also join a network of professionals with similar educational, professional, or work experience backgrounds.

Mainly, through the KitaLulus application, users can build a portfolio of experiences, find suitable job opportunities and interact directly with potential companies via WhatsApp.

Several companies that have collaborated with this platform include Apotek K-24, Hangry, J&T Express, and Seryu Cargo.

In running his business, Jimmy who was previously the Co-Founder of Baca (a news aggregator application) is also supported by a figure who has a strong presence in the country’s technology industry.

As Co-Founder Wei-Chuan Chew (Wibowo) was involved as Co-Founder of Rukita (a co-living company) and Junior Partner at McKinsey.

Both are also supported by the Head of Engineering, Septiana Wijayanti, who was previously involved in the initial development of the Sayurbox (online grocery) platform.

KitaLulus’ Future Plans

Not yet a year in operation, the company has claimed significant growth. Until now, as many as 1 million job applications have been processed on the platform each month.

Their professional network has embraced more than 20 communities and spans six metropolitan areas in Indonesia, including Bandung, Greater Jakarta, Makassar, Medan, Semarang and Surabaya.

“In the future, we plan to expand throughout Indonesia. In particular, we are targeting cities such as Malang, Palembang, and Serang. In addition to expanding the area, we will also invest these funds to strengthen the team,” said Stevien.

This is done to build a world-class product and technology team, which will develop the product into a professional network and the leading job platform in Indonesia.

In an official statement, Go-Ventures Partner Aditya Kamath also said, “As Indonesia’s economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to see an increase in demand for labor in the country”.

In addition, with the increase in internet penetration in Indonesia, will certainly strengthen the support for KitaLulus.

“We are pleased to be able to support KitaLulus, because we see the company playing a key role in helping Indonesians to improve their skills, advance themselves, and find their dream job,” he added.

Go-Ventures itself is a venture capital company owned by Gojek that focuses on investing in early-stage startups. To date, Go-Ventures has invested in more than 25 Indonesian technology companies operating in various fields, including its portfolio of startup wealthtech Pluang, eFishery (aquatech), Segari, Food Market Hub, and others.