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Indonesian Startups Assisted by Telkom Show Off in Asia Pacific Level

Indonesian Startups Assisted by Telkom Show Off in Asia Pacific Level

Recently, Telkom CorpU-ITDRI brought three local startup teams from the DiLen program consisting of junior high, high school, and vocational students to the Asia Pacific global digital innovation event titled Reactor Global Demo Day.

Jemy Confido, SGM Telkom Corpu-IDTRI, said the three young teams were AKAD, Stratagems, and SMAK 1. The three teams representing Indonesia competed with a number of other Asia Pacific teams, from Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore.

“The three teams previously won the finals of the Digital Talent Entrepreneur Camp or Dilen EntreCamp Round 1 program as a result of our collaboration with a startup school from Singapore, Reactor School, on July 8, which was attended by 24 teams,” said Jemmy, in a press statement.

Indonesian Startups Assisted by Telkom Show Off in Asia Pacific Level

According to him, in Dilen EntreCamp Round 1, A.K.A.D won the Gold Winner with an innovation called Skilldeck. Then Silver Winner by Stratagems (LAUNDREE) and Bronze Winner by SMAK 1 (U-tern).

Jemy said that the 24 teams participating in DiLen Round 1 in August will be able to present their innovation ideas at the SOE Mobile event: ITDRI Showcase, where the innovation ideas can be seen by all Indonesian people, especially by 13 other BUMN clusters.

Through the Studyxt platform, 24 teams presented their innovations in front of the judges. They are Khairul Rusydi as Founder & CEO of Reactor School, Rizki Primasakti (Founder & CEO of OCA), Pathya M. Budhiputra (Founder & CEO of Sprinthink), and Djony Rosnipa (COO AntarDesa.id).

Other Participating Teams

Meanwhile, Senior Manager of Partnership Operation Management Telkom CorpU-ITDRI Fauzan Feisal explained, the A.K.A.D team consisted of Arji Naratama, Dian Thiani, Kayra Zalfa, Angelita Wijaya, and Charisma Aurelia.

Through Skilldeck innovation, classes or courses in various fields are available to support the interests and skills of users in order to get job prospects in the future.

Indonesian Startups Assisted by Telkom Show Off in Asia Pacific Level

Stratagems strengthened by Masayu Carissa Aqilah Nafis, Noumisyifa Nabila Nareswari, Masayu Maritza Adelia Nafis, created the LAUNDREE application, which is an application that notifies the nearest laundry from the user’s location, as well as being a forum for bringing together laundry business owners and prospective workers.

“The last team is U-Tern which stands for Youth, its your turn!. The personnel are Samuel Amurwa Yabes, Cecilia Gisella Suryadi, Gareth Aurelius Harrison, and Michael James Linsky. The goal is to help young people find a way to reach their dreams by learning with the experts firsthand, ” he said.

In addition to the three teams, awards were also awarded, namely Best Team Work by the BYTE & AKAD team, Best Presenter (Alvara Nafi Dinar/DISTANCING), Best Introduction Team Video (PANCARONA & PLATO), and (Masayu Carissa Aqilah Nafis/STRATAGEMS), Resilience Team (SMAK 1/K-1 & DIVAVOR), and Agile Team (SMV GROUP B and BEARY STRADA NAWAR).

Participants Enjoy Demo Day

One of the participants, Sulthan Rafi Abyan Hidayat from the Divavor team, admitted that he enjoyed the Demo Day activities that day. “Actually, the drawback is that the time is short. If it had been longer it would have been even more fun!” he said.

Indonesian Startups Assisted by Telkom Show Off in Asia Pacific Level

Similarly, Muhammad Rafly from the 28 Fixers Upper team, who initially admitted that he only participated, actually admitted that he was impressed and gave him an exciting experience after participating in this event.

“Not only digital talent itself, but the information and lessons learned during pitching are very important in my opinion. No regrets at all!” he said. Khairul Rusydi, Founder & CEO of Reactor School, hopes that the participants will continue their innovation in the future.

“Digital is the future, now we are actually in the future and we hope that the participants will continue their technological innovations for good. Build a digital startup to change the world for the better by improving the environment around you,” he concluded.