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HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives

HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives

One advantage offered by convertible laptops is that the design is functional so that it can adapt to user needs, HP Specter x360 managed to combine luxurious design and powerful performance and stand out in the premium convertible laptop class. The luxury design is complimented with attractive color choices.

The laptop design gets a refresh compared to the old version. The design is now more beautiful and elegant with tighter lines and body angles. To accentuate its premium aura, HP covers it with two choices of color combinations namely dark ash silver with a touch of copper luxe or poseidon blue and pale brass.

HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives
HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives

We guarantee that these two special color choices will make you look different because these color combinations can rarely be found on any laptop. It is reliable for productivity. Moreover, the durability of the battery is very impressive.

According to HP, the HP Specter x360 13 battery can be used for up to about 22 hours. This has increased by 37 percent compared to the old version. So, this laptop can be an ideal choice for users who often work outdoors.

Screen with SureView Technology

While in the display sector, the HP Specter x360 comes with a 13.3-inch IPS touch screen with Full HD resolution. The screen also supports the Windows Ink feature and the HP Stylus Pen which is available directly in the sales package.

Besides that the screen is also very special because it has been equipped with SureView technology from HP. This technology can protect user privacy because when activated, this feature can limit the viewing angle so that the screen cannot be seen by others from the side or back.

HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives
HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives

By combining luxury designs wrapped in special colors, powerful performance, and long-lasting batteries, the HP Specter x360 will be suitable for young executives. The choice of a classy 2-in-1 notebook with powerful computing power can be a new solution for the laptop.

Because in addition to having a very impressive design, the series now brings the power of an Intel Core i7 8Th Gen with quad core features and brings maximum value in matters of flexibility. If you are curious about premium notebooks from this mobile, let us reveal more deeply all the things that can happen below.

Thinnest Notebook Ever

HP claims that the choice of the latest HP Specter x360 is the thinnest notebook convertible choice the company has ever made. Why not, it carries a thickness of only about 1.3cm and a weight value of around 1.2kg which makes it one of the most reliable ultrabooks in mobility, including in terms of design.

In addition, HP is known to have a form of dazzling design, including in the affairs of this latest series. HP said that this series is one of the best results from the producers of impressive works, especially from the value of form that has the perfect dynamics of each side. The value of excellence offered by this notebook is of course thin and light.

HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives
HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives

HP Specter x360 also has a color accent that is very pleasing to modern users today. There are two color choices provided by the manufacturer, namely Ceramic White with gold accents and Dark Ash with copper accents. HP said that this choice could represent a solid aesthetic value and feel for a notebook.

The other best thing offered by the HP Specter x360 is the Coaxial Hidden Hinges. The company seems to be inspired by a high-end cabinet, so the presence of hidden coaxial hinges is designed to be foldable and almost invisible.

2-in-1 Laptop for Productivity

In addition, the material presented in this notebook is designed with aluminum material with CNC machines and carbon fiber material so as to produce a notebook that can last quite a long time and provide perfect and lightweight values ​​to carry anywhere.

One feature of the 2-in-1 laptop that is usually present is of course more meaningful on this notebook, because in addition to full support for many features, tablet mode, tent mode and so on, it also comes with a choice of HP Active Stylus Pen.

HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives
HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives

As a result, you don’t have to bother buying extra devices separately, because in this notebook they have presented many features in full. For business connectivity, this option may be limited to port options, but it brings perfect value with the presence of two thunderbolts 3 ports that can provide data transfer connection features up to 40 Gb/s.

You can use this HP Specter x360 option to connect the power features on other devices such as smartphones, even though the notebook is off. Then there is also a USB 3.1 Gen 1 port that can provide data transfer performance up to 5Gbps, including also support features for Sleep And Charge.

How You Can Use the Gadget

You can see the choice of ports for headphones, including also support for combo microphones and ports for SD Card Reader as the last expansion. The rest is Bluetooth 4.2 Combo which has several new features, and one of the main advantages is allowing the chip to be able to use Bluetooth through Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) for direct Internet access.

HP Specter x360 13 carries a screen size of 13.3 “with a maximum resolution of up to Full HD (1920 × 1080). This choice is far classier with the presence of an IPS panel with a touchscreen feature that can provide comfort in terms of viewing angles up to 178 °, so that all content can be seen clearly wherever you are.

HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives
HP Specter x360, Luxury Laptops for Young Executives

In fact, the screen presented is far more impressive in aesthetic matters with the presence of micro-edge displays. As a result, the screen looks much wider with the presence of a thin bezel that will revolutionize the display by loading a larger screen into smaller frames.

This option also has the Corning Gorilla Glass feature, thus providing extra protection for the screen to be much stronger and durable, making the display at least resistant to impact and scratches. HP Specter x360 isamazing for a light laptop, isn’t it?