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How Artificial Intelligence Development Is Going

How Artificial Intelligence Development Is Going

Talking about technology today is really correlate with Artificial intelligence development. As time goes by, technology never stops to make new innovations, improvement, and changes toward human lives. Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the technology kinds which actually contribute to making human lives easier and efficient. And now, AI really existed.

Most people didn’t realize that their life has been impacted by AI from small to significant things. We couldn’t deny that AI really becomes a helpful tool that everyone needed. AI became sophisticated. scientist keep in improving it to be more useful for the human. Here is an example of Artificial intelligence development.

Machine Learning Ability to Predict and do Cognitive Analytics

One of AI abilities which makes it really important and able to do many human tasks is machine learning. This ability isn’t only a simple thing. This ability let AI be able to make predictions or even do cognitive analytics by establishing correlations. And this is what people need. The accurate predictions of everything.

In the healthcare sector, AI machine learning ability could help to design personalized treatments or even predict the heart attacks accurately. It only has a 0.5% error rate compared to the human doctor which has a 3.5% error rate when trying to design and predict patient’s disease. This is helping the doctor on giving an accurate diagnosis and earlier action.

AI and the Computer Vision System

Another Artificial intelligence development is on how AI be able to do training lenses. Not only it could predict and give an accurate diagnosis in healthcare, but AI also really helpful in the agricultural sector where it could be used to bring a lot of changes to farmer lives indirectly. As we know that the agriculture sector’s really unpredictable.

By AI, it could identify and differentiate the sprouts from weeds, isolate the weeds for spraying, and do precision farming. Besides, AI could help the farmer to give them information about the weather patterns, soil condition, and also the product prediction, and help them to pick and pack their crops too. Sounds so helpful, right?

Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing Ability

The next Artificial intelligence development is the ability in speech recognition and natural language processing which allowed it to understand and could process every human language. Not only understand the language, but AI also helps to make good services related to its ability, for example when we’re talking about the refugee’s needs in any language.

Besides, the ability to speech recognition makes people easy to do anything without any effort. It’s only using an automation system just from recognizing the speech like Siri in Apple, or Alexa in Amazon. That was quite amazing knowing that AI could do many things and help human to do many tasks just by asking.

The technology never stops to become advance every day. there will always an improvement of it from the scientists. So does AI. Today, scientist still trying to upgrade the system so that it will be more helpful. And Artificial intelligence development also never stop improving and going better for the sake of human lives.