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HiPajak Becomes the 2020 Alibaba GET Global Challenge Champion

HiPajak Becomes the 2020 Alibaba GET Global Challenge Champion

HiPajak won first place in the Alibaba GET Global Challenge 2020 event. This startup managed to get the most votes, as well as being the choice of the jury. The selection process in this competition is carried out within four months. The Alibaba GET Global Challenge 2020 was attended by more than 8,000 startups from all over the world.

“Hopefully with this victory, there will be more benefits of HiPajak for users and Indonesia. This is proof of Indonesia’s economic talent and potential to be able to compete at the world level,” HiPajak wrote in his statement, Monday (31/8/2020).

HiPajak Becomes the 2020 Alibaba GET Global Challenge Champion

HiPajak facilitates various needs related to income tax. HiPajak said that its services also support the digital economy because it helps non-employee individual taxpayers, micro-businesses, and MSMEs.

This service can overcome problems experienced around taxation, ranging from tax terms, the complexity of filling out forms, and calculating taxes. Moreover, non-conventional professions must take care of their income taxes independently.

“HiPajak provides the right solution, especially millennials who are enthusiastic about working in the digital world and prioritize practicality. All problems related to income tax can be solved in one application,” said HiPajak CEO, Tracy Tardia.

Received 100 Thousand Yuan in Cash

HiPajak is a platform that aims to facilitate income tax management for individual non-employee taxpayers. The startup development leads to a solution to facilitate income tax needs.

“Through HiPajak, we want to get rid of the impression that managing taxes is difficult so that the awareness of taxpayers to fulfill their obligations can increase,” said CEO and Cofounder of PT Investa Hipa Teknologi, Tracy Tardia in her official statement.

The HiPajak application provides features that are said to make tax management easier; especially for Individual Taxpayers (Non-Employees), MSME actors, and creative workers. Tracy added, “increasing taxpayer awareness will greatly help increase state tax revenue and accelerate national development.”

The HiPajak team won 100 thousand yuan (around Rp.213.5 million) in cash, had the opportunity to explore Alibaba’s main headquarters in Hangzhou, and had the opportunity to consult with Alibaba GET Network advisors.

HiPajak Becomes the 2020 Alibaba GET Global Challenge Champion

Features in HiPajak that Users Can Use

There are five main features provided in this application, namely Tax Recommendations, Tax Records, and Calculations. Meanwhile, the Pay Tax and Tax Return features are under development.

HiPajak provides two packages, namely free and premium. As the name implies, premium packages offer paid services that can be tailored to your needs and are affordable.

For your information, HiPajak is a digital platform that combines financial services with technology. This application is equipped with artificial intelligence technology and a number of integrated features.

Data on Non-Employee Individual Taxpayers

Based on data processing from the performance report of the Directorate General of Taxes, non-employee individual taxpayers are the only taxpayers who show drastic growth. From the report, it is known that the growth of the taxpayers reached 43.83 percent in 2016. While in 2017 it reached 61.53 percent, then for 2018 it reached 74.28 percent.

HiPajak Becomes the 2020 Alibaba GET Global Challenge Champion

In order for this application to run more easily, all the features in it can be accessed via chat. So, people who are still unfamiliar with taxes can use this application without a complicated process.

For your information, Alibaba GET Network involves participants from China, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Uzbekistan and the African continent.

HiPajak was launched by a startup, namely PT Investa Hipa Teknologi. HiPajak to help make it easier for workers to calculate their tax obligations. HiPajak CEO Tracy Tardia said that this application will help calculate taxpayer obligations, especially freelancers and MSMEs who do not have time to report and pay taxes.