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Halodoc Healthcare Startup Takes Oath of Non-Medical Workers

Halodoc Healthcare Startup Takes Oath of Non-Medical Workers

Startups or digital startups continue to grow in Indonesia, including Halodoc healthcare startup. Not only financial services, but health services can now also be handled through startup companies in the form of applications. However, can the confidentiality of patient data in the startup service be maintained?

Halodoc healthcare startup supports the protection of the confidentiality of user data. The trick is to initiate the taking of oaths for Halodoc Patient Relationship Officers who currently work in more than 500 partner hospitals.

Halodoc Healthcare Startup Takes Oath of Non-Medical Workers
Halodoc Healthcare Startup Takes Oath of Non-Medical Workers

This oath is taken simultaneously in 9 cities in Indonesia. Following Regulation of the Minister of Health No. 269 of 2008 concerning Medical Records, it has become an absolute matter that everyone’s medical records must be kept confidential by clinicians, management officers, and leaders of the health facilities.

However, seeing the development of the current health world, Halodoc considers it important to meet the hospital’s accreditation standards regarding taking oaths of non-medic workers of Halodoc who work in partner hospitals.

Halodoc Is the First Startup to Take an Oath of Non-Medical Personnel

Through this initiation, Halodoc became the first healthcare service startup in Indonesia to take an oath of non-medic personnel for its partner hospitals. “Although not medical staff, non-medic personnel of Halodoc are part of health unit that deals with personal information and health status of patients in the hospital,” Halodoc CEO Jonathan Sudharta said in an official statement on Friday (12/20/2019).

“It is important for Halodoc Healthcare startup’s PRO team to take the oath as a commitment to the confidentiality of patient data and to advance the quality of health services in Indonesia with all Halodoc partner hospitals,” he added.

In his oath, non-medic personnel must maintain the confidentiality of data related to the medical record and the information contained in it. This is according to the procedure of the head of medical record installation.

Halodoc Healthcare Startup Takes Oath of Non-Medical Workers
Halodoc Healthcare Startup Takes Oath of Non-Medical Workers

Besides, they must also uphold the doctrine of confidentiality and individual rights of patients in providing information related to individuals or social, and carry out tasks entrusted by the staff’s leaders. Since its launch, Halodoc has served 8 million active users every month.

Hundreds of Halodoc Healthcare Startup’s Non-Medic Workers Participated In This Activity

This activity received a very positive response from non-medical workers from all over Indonesia. This was proven by their enthusiasm for participating in the event. Hundreds of Halodoc non-medic workers from Jabodetabek, Bandung, Malang, Medan, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Semarang, Solo and Surabaya participated in this activity.

The oath-taking was also attended by the Chairperson of the Association of Indonesian Hospitals (PERSI) Dr. Kuntjoro AP, MKes and Chairperson of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI), Dr. Daeng M Faqih, Dh, MH.

Meanwhile, Chief of Medical Halodoc, Dr. Irwan Heriyanto assessed that the initiation of taking non-medic personnel oaths was carried out by Halodoc to meet the rules and accreditation requirements of the hospitals.

Halodoc Healthcare Startup Takes Oath of Non-Medical Workers
Halodoc Healthcare Startup Takes Oath of Non-Medical Workers

“We hope that this initiative can encourage Halodoc healthcare startup’s non-medic workers to continue to be committed to maintaining the confidentiality of patient data with the hospitals where they work. Mainly, the community is also expected to feel more comfortable when dealing directly with our non-medic personnel at the hospital,” he concluded.

The Oath is Expected to Build Public Trust in Halodoc

The confidentiality of patient data is very important. The oath taken by Halodoc is a crucial step that must be taken by all health startups. With the oath, the public can be more confident in using health applications without the fear of data leakage.

This is one of the professional services that can be offered by Halodoc Healthcare startup so that it can have a positive impact both for the startup and the wider community that uses it.