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Gojek’s Efforts to Encourage Culinary MSME Business Sustainability

Gojek’s Efforts to Encourage Culinary MSME Business Sustainability

Gojek strives to continue to encourage the use of direct contactless payments while supporting the sustainability of the culinary MSME business in Bodatebek through several initiatives. The initiative was carried out by providing hygiene kits and providing education at MSMEs centers in Tangerang, Bogor and Bekasi.

Hopefully, this initiative can provide convenience and comfort for culinary connoisseurs. To note, this provision is carried out on MSMEs who are joining as GoFood merchants and also GoPay merchants.

Gojek’s Efforts to Encourage Culinary MSME Business Sustainability

These two services are said to be able to help MSMEs to serve their customers better. During the pandemic, MSMEs are one of the affected economic elements. For that reason, Gojek invites MSMEs, especially in the Bodetabek area to join the ecosystem.

“MSMEs can continue to go ahead with Gojek and maintain customer trust by implementing the J3K protocol (Keep Health, Cleanliness, Security), and utilize Gojek technology support the continuity of the business,” said the Regional Strategy Head of Gojek for the Jabodetabek Region, Dani Oktobianto W, in an official statement, Sunday (7/3/2021).

Furthermore, Dani said, the provision of J3K protocols and hygiene kits had followed recommendations from BPPOM, WHO, and the Ministry of Health. At several points, Gojek also presents the J3K Safe Post to ensure the condition of the driver-partners as well as to disinfect their vehicle units when serving GoFood customers.

“We will expand the reach of this support to more culinary centers for other SMEs,” he said. Dani also said that this initiative was also given in a number of culinary centers, such as Taman Jajan Gaul Anggrek Loka BSD, Sentra Kuliner Pasar Moderna Graha Raya Bintaro, Taman Jajan Tumaritis Serpong, Gelar Waroeng and Sentra Kuliner Galaxy.

For information, in 2020 GoFood services have succeeded in providing growth of 40 percent for merchants, especially MSMEs during the pandemic. At the end of 2020, Gojek even recorded an increase in the number of GoFood business partners by 50 percent, so that currently there are a total of 750 thousand culinary business partners joining.

Telkomsel Opens Gojek Business Partner Access to DigiPos Aja! Application

On the other hand, Telkomsel and Gojek are increasingly strengthening synergies in expanding the benefits of digital technology implementation for all people. The latest collaboration allows Gobiz users to use DigiPos Aja! by Telkomsel.

Gojek’s Efforts to Encourage Culinary MSME Business Sustainability

This access will make it easier for Gojek business partners to become resellers for selling Telkomsel credit products and data quota packages. VP Partner of Telkomsel’s Channel Management, Heriawan, said that Telkomsel strengthened the collaboration with Gojek as a serious effort to build a digital economy for the community, especially the MSME sector and informal workers.

“A more comprehensive digital service ecosystem synergy is realized by connecting MSMEs to DigiPos Aja! app through Gobiz,” he said, quoted from the official statement from Telkomsel, Saturday (6/3/2021).

Furthermore, he said, opening this access would open opportunities for Gobiz application users to increase additional sources of income by becoming a reseller of Telkomsel pulses and data packages. It can open more access for customers of the two companies to get Telkomsel’s products through more diverse digital channels.

An Optimization of Registration

Gojek’s VP of Strategic Partnership, Amelia Callista Sutanto, said, with a partnership with Telkomsel, Gojek is committed to increasing the benefits of the digital economy to its ecosystem. Starting from users, driver-partners, to business partners throughout Indonesia.

Gojek’s Efforts to Encourage Culinary MSME Business Sustainability

“Through the Gobiz application, we have presented a series of solutions specifically designed to answer all the needs of MSMEs so that they can survive and progress with Gojek, in developing businesses during the pandemic,” he said.

To simplify the synergy of this reseller platform, Telkomsel and Gojek designed the optimization of the registration process for all Gojek business partners to join as resellers.