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Gadjian, Current Ways of Paying


Gadjian, a startup engaged in the management of cloud-based Human Resources (HR), opened a representative office in Bandung, West Java.

This mobile application is specifically designed to assist business owners and HR practitioners in managing employees. CEO Gadjian Afia Fitriati said the presence of Gadjian in West Java is expected to be able to support the work of micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through administrative digitalization so that it helps companies to develop more easily.

We see small and medium-sized companies in Bandung and West Java, in general, are very large to support the improvement of the regional economy. So we hope to help develop this potential

Afia said in Bandung, Thursday (05/09/2019).

Gadjian’s representative office in Bandung is in the Dago area, which is quite close to the city center. Afia said the expansion in West Java was carried out through two applications namely the Gadjian employee payroll application and the Hadirr employee attendance application.

Gadjian, Current Ways of Paying
Gadjian, Current Ways of Paying

The Gadjian application was first launched in May 2016. This is a cloud system SaaS (Software as a Service) application, where Gadjian offers HR administration management services for MSMEs.

The application named GadjianKu is a refinement of the Gadjian employee dashboard which was previously only accessible through a browser. GadjianKu users can feel the ease of downloading payslips, making leave requests and approvals, monitoring attendance records, and updating personal data.

Gadjian, Current Ways of Paying
Gadjian, Current Ways of Paying

While Hadirr was launched on October 17, 2017. This application has just launched three new features that make it easier for employees to make absences.

With these three features, employers and human resources (HR) companies that use the attendance application no longer need to worry that employees do not attend. Employee attendance data is also presented and recapitulated in real-time so that employee performance assessments from attendance data will be more accurate.


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