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Empowering the Mother Community, Orami Inaugurates the ‘IbuSibuk’ Platform

Empowering the Mother Community, Orami Inaugurates the ‘IbuSibuk’ Platform

The digital parenting platform Orami inaugurated the presence of the social commerce platform “IbuSibuk” in the context of empowering the community among mothers.

Empowering the Mother Community, Orami Inaugurates the ‘IbuSibuk’ Platform

This step is an alternative for mothers to earn additional income, as well as exclusive training related to self-development and becoming a professional influencer.

In an official statement, Orami’s Head of Business Development (part of SIRCLO Group) Raymond Wirya Santosa said, raising the momfluencers community became one of the main focuses of IbuSibuk after the company observed interesting trends in Orami’s mother community.

All members of this community are very active on social media, making them very influential figures. The company sees the potential that the social media used by these mothers can be productive.

This hypothesis is proven by the rapid growth of the IbuSibuk community and is also welcomed by hundreds of brands that have used IbuSibuk’s services to help grow their business.

“There is this mutualism symbiosis that we hope can make Busy Mothers to continue to provide benefits for mothers and brands of various scales,” said Raymond, Wednesday (25/5).

Empowering the Mother Community, Orami Inaugurates the ‘IbuSibuk’ Platform

Connecting Mothers with Brands

IbuSibuk is an economic empowerment program for mothers that connects them with various brands to collaborate on various social commerce programs, both as nano-influencers and resellers.

Members are not only given access to various campaigns from brands, but also get exclusive training related to self-development and training to become professional influencers. The platform also facilitates members to develop themselves and build connections with the community of fellow mothers.

Several exclusive classes to webinar sessions have been regularly held by discussing the latest topics about parenting, time management, personal branding, as well as various topics that support you to become an increasingly reliable influencer.

In fact, the platform, which has been released for approximately one year, claims to have more than 50 thousand members throughout Indonesia. As many as 60% of these members come from the Greater Jakarta area and the rest are spread over 75 cities in the country.

In addition, the majority of IbuSibuk members are housewives who now have additional income. With bright prospects, it is targeted that IbuSibuk members can reach 100 thousand by the end of this year.

In the future, IbuSibuk will be equipped with the latest feature, namely “IbuSibuk Reseller”, enabling members not only to participate in various brand campaigns, but also to earn additional income from home by becoming a reseller.

To date, there are more than 200 brands collaborating with IbuSibuk, both from the multi-national and MSME segments. Then, there are more than 1,500 influencer campaigns that have run on the platform in the span of six months.

“This proves that a marketing strategy using nano-influencers is very attractive to business owners as a way to increase awareness of their products.”

Empowering the Mother Community, Orami Inaugurates the ‘IbuSibuk’ Platform

Potential Momfluencers

The current generation of Indonesian mothers is also known to be very social and actively connected with the community. They not only establish connections with fellow mothers but are also able to give each other opinions and recommendations regarding various household and care products.

This is in line with the findings quoted from Weber Shandwick. It is stated that as many as 55% of today’s mothers admit that they are often asked for their opinion on other people’s purchasing decisions.

They also actively share product or service recommendations to those around them. As a result, it is not surprising that the concept of social commerce is right for the mother segment, especially housewives.

This is because social commerce is able to bridge mothers to use the e-commerce platform not only for shopping, but also to earn additional income by becoming a marketing agent.

This alternative marketing, of course, is a breath of fresh air for brands of various scales. By providing a different social experience than ever before, social commerce allows brands to reach a wider audience.

Accenture also noted how this shopping platform has also opened up opportunities for brands to develop new experiences and connect with customers, thanks to the involvement of influencers and creators in the process.