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EFG partners with Nimbly Technologies to digitalize operations and navigate COVID 19

EFG partners with Nimbly Technologies to digitalize operations and navigate COVID 19

Nimbly Technologies today announced it has been partnering with EFG to digitalize its operations, enhancing their quality, customer service and enabling full compliance to COVID protocols across EFG’s 100 stores, spanning 3 countries. 

The food and beverage (F&B) industry is hit especially hard by Covid-19, with the economic downturn, lockdown measures and dine-in restrictions leading to many in the sector reporting losses. With the landscape being greatly different compared to previous years, the situation has persuaded many forward-thinking F&B operators to rethink their business models.

“Digitalization, constant innovation and embracing technology are absolutely necessary, especially in these times,” said Martin Darby, Managing Director of EFG Hold Co. Ltd. “EFG has evolved significantly over the course of 18 months. Adapting to the challenges set by the pandemic and our commitment to continuously deliver high standards to customers and our franchisers, has led the Company to transform into a modern digital organization.”

“It is with great satisfaction that we record a successful transition to digitalization of our operations through our partnership with Nimbly Technologies” Darby continues.  “Exceptional customer service has always been the focus of our Company & Brands, and this has become increasingly important during challenging times like today. Thanks to Nimbly’s innovative operational solutions we can support and increase the team spirit of our employees, and they can devote time and energy to provide added value and innovative offerings to customers.”

Using Nimbly, EFG can not only comply with the new stringent COVID protocols in real-time, including ensuring utmost cleanliness in every store, maintaining the highest standards of freshness & hygiene of all ingredients; but also streamline issue resolution processes and enhance overall staff productivity. “Having visibility across all our stores in real-time enables us to identify cost saving and innovation opportunities. We are able to very quickly adapt to unpredictable circumstances.”

Daniel Hazman, founder and CEO of Nimbly, said: “Covid-19’s impact on the industry has accelerated the sector’s shift towards technology and automation, as moving towards digitalization reduces costs, improves productivity, and surfaces new insights in real-time. EFG is recognized as a leader in the region that sets the benchmark in its markets, and we are excited to see mutual benefits of our partnership. We look forward to thriving together.”

About Nimbly

Nimbly Technologies provides a pioneering mobile solution for enterprises to monitor, manage and evaluate business operations by enabling frontline workers to implement standard operating procedures properly and efficiently. Since 2018, the start-up has helped hundreds of organizations across 7 countries digitalize manual operational processes, enhance issue resolution, provide visibility on key metrics, and eliminate numerous redundant operational processes. Nimbly currently serves – among others, the  F&B, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail, Facility Management, and Logistics Industries. www.hellonimbly.com or follow LinkedIn