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Edtech Dibimbing Offers a Career Preparation Bootcamp Program in the Field of Technology

Edtech Dibimbing Offers a Career Preparation Bootcamp Program in the Field of Technology

Launched in 2020, the edtech startup “Dibimbing” has secured early-stage funding from Init-6. This is the third edtech startup announced to receive funding from the venture capital company owned by the former Bukalapak executive after Educa and Codemi.

Edtech Dibimbing Offers a Career Preparation Bootcamp Program in the Field of Technology

Founder & CEO Dibimbing by Zaky Muhammad Syah said that after getting a grant from the University of Indonesia, they were not too aggressive in raising funds. Having made a profit from day one, they are more focused on growing their business and adding more students.

This year with the aim of accelerating business growth and expanding the scope of services, the offer from Init-6 as an investor they received. Of course, after seeing the similarities in vision and mission with the venture capitalists.

“I see that Init-6 has the same mission as us, which is to channel new workers who are increasingly being demanded by the digital industry today. There is still no similarity in the curriculum on campus with the demand from the digital industry, resulting in the current lack of relevant and quality digital talent. in Indonesia,” said Zaky.

Edtech Dibimbing Offers a Career Preparation Bootcamp Program in the Field of Technology

Plans with Funding

The fresh funds will be used to recruit talents at the senior level. In addition, they also want to develop a Learning Management System (LMS) that is more user friendly and personal to students. With a more structured learning system, it is hoped that it can improve the quality of graduates.

He also said that currently 80% of the mentored graduates are accepted by the company as new workers. The target is that with the strengthening that is done, it can increase that percentage to 100%.

“Currently there are 450 companies that have partnered with Guidance to absorb our graduates as their employees. It is hoped that by 2023 we can have around 300 thousand new students. Currently there are around 30 thousand students from the Dibimbing education program,” said Zaky.

The educational programs offered by Guidance include data science, digital marketing, UI/UX, business intelligent, SEO, product management, web development, and others.

Edtech Dibimbing Offers a Career Preparation Bootcamp Program in the Field of Technology

Still Focused On B2C

Even though it is launched as an edtech platform, with the choice of educational programs available, Guiding also wants to be a digital workforce distribution platform, which is currently increasingly needed by the digital industry.

For that they really concentrate on the quality of teaching. One thing that is also very important is related to the recruitment of mentors. They present selected mentors drawn from industry players.

“Our curation process begins by inviting them to become mentors for free classes. Later, after passing the evaluation, we will offer a contract for one year and so on,” said CPO Dibimbing by Alim Anggono.

In terms of demographics, it was recorded that around 70% of Supervised students were aged 23-29 years. Not only fresh graduates, there are also many who have worked and then decided to change careers in the technology field.

Recently, Guidance has also seen a surge in new students who are layoff victims from startups to technology companies in Indonesia.

“With the choice of classes offered, ranging from video learning and bootcamp classes, we charge students IDR 6 million for five months and the opportunity to be channeled as employees in companies we have collaborated with,” said Zaky.

Although it has not targeted the B2B segment specifically, through a special bootcamp program, companies that want to recruit several employees to fill several positions can take advantage of this program.

Dibimbing also provides teaching options to employees who have been independently recruited by the company. “Until now, Dibimbing’s monetization strategy is to charge students (B2C). There is no plan for us to be more serious in targeting the B2B segment in the near future,” said Zaky.

Not only wants to produce new graduates that are sought after by local companies, Guidance also has a plan to produce the best graduates to then distribute them to companies abroad.

This later became their goal, after receiving news that some of their students had been accepted by foreign companies.