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E-Commerce GrabToko Claims Investors Defraud Consumers’ Money

E-Commerce GrabToko Claims Investors Defraud Consumers’ Money

Online shopping service provider, GrabToko, admitted to being cheated by investors. Management said that investors were embezzling consumer money. Managing Director of Grab Toko Indonesia Yudha Manggala Putra said that he had reported this to the police.

“We apologize for the delay in our response. Currently, we are reporting Grabtoko investors for embezzlement of consumer money to the Police Headquarters in Trunojoyo, South Jakarta,” he said via the Grabtoko.id Instagram account on Wednesday (6/1).

Management also confiscated assets and froze investors’ accounts. “This is to avoid greater losses,” said Yudha. Even so, he emphasized that GrabToko is trying to return the embezzled consumers’ money as soon as possible.

“After going through the investigation process by the police,” he said. On its official website, GrabToko describes itself as an online shopping or e-commerce platform. The company, which was founded in August 2020, originally sold electronic products. Now, GrabToko sells multipurpose products.

“Our mission is to make the online shopping experience unique and personalized for users by providing exceptional value, continuous innovation while fulfilling the promise of ‘Always Low Prices’ before they know it,” wrote the grabtoko.com site.

Promotion Up to 90% Discount

The online shopping platform offers promotions of up to 90%. iPhone 11, for example, is sold for only Rp. 5 million from the initial price of around Rp. 14 million. Then the iPhone XS Max, which is usually sold for Rp. 11 million, is only priced at Rp. 6 million at GrabToko.

Chairman of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA) Bima Laga said, GrabToko is not a member of idEA. However, this e-commerce company still has to comply with the Consumer Protection Act.

In addition, based on the Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 50 of 2020, e-commerce companies must provide consumer complaint facilities. “It is important for every Trade Operator through Electronic Systems (PMSE) to maintain consumer trust as the foundation of the digital economy,” Bima said, Wednesday (6/1).

Some netizens who claim to be consumers have also complained about the GrabToko service. “The delivery schedule continues to be delayed,” said Desty via his Twitter account @destynrc, last week (2/1). He also admitted that he had difficulty accessing the GrabToko site.

“I wanted to log into the GrabToko account on the site, but I always couldn’t. Info from customer service was down,” he said.

The alleged embezzlement of funds by Grab Toko investors shocked the public. The new e-commerce’s name was being a hot topic since it provided the customers with huge promos and discounts.

GrabToko’s Owners Revealed

Yudha Manggala Putra, who claimed to be the Managing Director of Grab Toko Indonesia, announced this through Instagram Stories from @grabtoko.id, Wednesday (6/1/2021). Based on data from the Directorate General of General Legal Administration, this company is named PT Grab Toko Indonesia.

The date of the deed of legalization of establishment is 27 November 2020. The company’s office is located at 12th Floors, HR Rasuna Said Street, Kav. X7 No. 6 Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta. It also stated that the company’s paid-up capital was IDR 80 million or the equivalent of 800 shares at a price of IDR 1,000 per share.

The document also lists the name Anak Agung Narendra Putra, as the commissioner of the company which owns 392 shares or the equivalent of IDR 39.2 million. There is also Yudha Manggala Putra as a director of a company that owns 408 shares or the equivalent of IDR 40.8 million.

The name grabtoko has suddenly become a public conversation in the last few months because of the intense advertising in the national media. The offer given was quite tempting. You can get discounts of up to 90% through the flash sale program.