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DukungCalonmu.com Offers Online Campaign and Election Features

DukungCalonmu.com Offers Online Campaign and Election Features

Entering the 2020 regional head election (Pilkada). A start-up company or startup in the digital political field, PT Dukung Calonmu Indonesia, introduces digital campaign features and online election.

Founder and Director of Marketing and Operations to DukungCalonmu, Dzaki Yudi Ananda, said that the two features offered through the online platform would be a campaign solution for politicians during a pandemic.

DukungCalonmu.com Offers Online Campaign and Election Features

“The digital campaign is also a solution to problems in conventional campaigning practices which are expensive, the difficulty of interacting with the public, information about candidates cannot be conveyed properly, the spread of hoaxes, and other problems,” said Dzaki in an official statement on Sunday ( 21/11/2020).

Meanwhile, DukungCalonmu.com which is also included in the UI Incubate program claims itself to be the market leader and pioneer of digital campaign platforms and online election in Indonesia.

The Platform Has Been Used by Student Organizations

After receiving support from PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk through the Indigo program, DukungCalonmu.com, which was founded in 2018, has been used by a number of universities for the selection of the head of student organizations, such as the Student Executive Board, student associations, and the election of other intra-campus organizations.

“This online election feature also makes it easier for students to remember that almost all campuses do distance learning and do not carry out activities on campus,” added Dzaki.

Deputy Chairperson of the Corruption Eradication Commission for the 2014 – 2019 Period, Saut Situmorang, appreciated the formation of DukungCalonmu.com and said that at this time the community could no longer survive on analogical methods or the old ways of building the character and political integrity of our nation.

“The old linear methods have limitations. Political digitization as carried out by DukungCalonmu will build certainty, speed, efficiency, and effectiveness in achieving national progress, as mandated by the constitution,” said Saut.

DukungCalonmu.com Offers Online Campaign and Election Features

The Work of Youth from Riau

Startup companies continue to grow in parts of the world. Increasingly, the number of companies based on this science and technology offers a variety of products. Most startup companies are associated with the sale of a product and service. Uniquely, it turns out that there is a special political digital startup. The startup is named DukungCalonmu.

DukungCalonmu is the work of Christian Hutabarat. Christian is a native of Riau who had enjoyed his master’s degree at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands through the LPDP (Educational Fund Management Institute) scholarship.

After returning from the Netherlands, he worked at the President’s staff office. After leaving the President’s staff office, he founded the Startup DukungCalonmu company. “DukungCalonmu is the first and only digital political startup in Indonesia,” he said.

The big vision of DukungCalonmu is to present a new political culture in Indonesia through political digitization in order to present leaders who are able to lead Indonesia in a better direction.

Products offered are digital election campaign form plates. In the digital campaign, the benefits are minimizing costs so that competent candidates with financial limitations can still participate.

DukungCalonmu.com Offers Online Campaign and Election Features

Get an Award

The existence of DukungCalonmu led Christian to get the top 3 awards in the field of Political, Legal, and Human Rights (Human Rights) from the Eyes of Garuda. “I was the only student from Riau who received the award,” he said.

DukungCalonmu was once selected to appear at the LPDP Workshop Startup Show. This activity is an annual meeting place for all LPDP recipients around the world to meet. The event was attended by Vice President Jusuf Kalla and several Indonesian Ministers.

Furthermore, DukungCalonmu was also selected into the top 3 at the International Pitching event in Manila which was attended by more than 50 international startups. He now has 15 employees.

Currently, the DukungCalonmu.com website is regularly visited by more than 15,000 visitors and the number is expected to continue to grow until it reaches the target of 30,000 -45,000 visitors by the end of 2020. In the next two years, Dzaki sets the number of users on its platform to increase significantly to reach 1 million users.