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Best Tablet 2020: iPad Pro vs Samsung Tab S7

Best Tablet 2020: iPad Pro vs Samsung Tab S7

Choosing the best tablet this year is not an easy thing. Many brands released their best products this year, two of which are Apple and Samsung. Their two flagship products in the tablet segment are the 2020 iPad Pro and the recently launched Samsung Tab S7.

But you definitely want to get the best product according to your needs. Therefore, maybe you need to make a comparison between the two products to find out the plus and minus from both products so you can make the best decision.

Best Tablet 2020: iPad Pro vs Samsung Tab S7

As we know, there are several tablet segments launched by Apple, such as the iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and also the iPad Pro. The 2020 version is the fourth generation, where previously, the third-generation was present in the fourth quarter of 2018, or two years before the release of the 2020 version.

iPad Pro 2020 Specifications Could Make It the Best Tablet of the Year

One of the main advantages of Apple in most of its products is the quality of the sharp screen display. How come? Apple itself is a pioneer in the business of Retina Display technology, and this technology is increasingly being developed on the Apple iPad Pro 2020.

The screen carries Liquid Retina Display technology with a brightness level of 600 nits and the best color accuracy in the industry. Apple even dares to guarantee you won’t find a better screen display than this tablet. In addition, this fourth-generation iPad Pro has a fairly strong resistance to scratches or fingerprints.

This tablet also supports the P3 wide range of screen sizes which comes in two variants, namely 11 inches and 12.9 inches. Not to forget, to maximize the viewing or activity experience, Apple also supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Augmented Reality is indeed an interactive feature that has many uses, for example, such as playing Pokemon Go-style games or for educational purposes. It is accompanied by a 3D ToF lens in the form of a LiDar Scanner as a scanner for light and distance.

This technology, which is also used by NASA, is able to measure distances based on how fast the light directed at objects can return to the sensor. This really makes the AR experience in games or anything else feel more accurate and immersive.

You don’t need to worry about performance when playing games, because the it is claimed to have a more powerful chipset than most laptops on the market. This tablet relies on the Apple A12Z Bionic chipset and an 8-core powered graphics processor.

Best Tablet 2020: iPad Pro vs Samsung Tab S7

The 2020 iPad Has a Beautiful Design

The advantage of a tablet is that it is smaller than a laptop so that it is easier to carry everywhere. The problem is, tablets generally don’t have the features and specifications that can replace a laptop.

Now, with this 2020 iPad Pro, you can feel the ease of using a device with a performance that exceeds a laptop but still pays attention to the portability side thanks to its slim body. For those of you who also want to use a tablet as a means of taking pictures, the camera is far more than enough to support your photography needs.

Using a triple camera configuration, each lens can be used to produce ordinary photos as well as panoramic photos with an angle of 125 degrees. This camera consists of a 12 MP resolution main lens, a 10 MP ultra-wide lens, and finally the ToF (Time of Flight) 3D lens as a distance measurement and bokeh photo capture.

The main lens is also equipped with a dual pixel phase detection autofocus feature and of course, there is an HDR mode. Don’t forget that it also supports video recording with 4K resolution and the gyro stabilization feature.

Comparing Design to Samsung Tab S7

Broadly speaking, the outer appearance of the Galaxy Tab S7 is not much different when compared to the two previous generations. This tablet is made very thin, only 6.3mm, and weighs 500 grams. The corners are sharpened with a faint antenna line by the color of the aluminum body.

A slight difference is in the part for placing the S Pen stylus on the rear body via a magnet. This part is given a black accent, similar to the two rear camera sensors. Each of the two speaker holes is placed at the top and bottom, while on the left side there is a magnetic pin to attach it to accessories such as a keyboard cover.

The body itself is made with a matte surface, it is not easy to imprint fingerprints, at least in the Mystic Black color that I hold. If the Plus variant uses an in-display fingerprint sensor, the Galaxy Tab S7 embeds a fingerprint sensor with the power button (on the upper right side).

This placement is very practical, very good accuracy, and instant speed. Just fitting, and it looks like it’s going to be a good trend on tablets, considering the iPad Air (2020) also adopts a similar feature.

Best Tablet 2020: iPad Pro vs Samsung Tab S7

Features Owned by Samsung Tab S7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 also runs the One UI 2.5 interface based on Android 10. That can be good, or bad. The good news is, if you are used to using a Samsung smartphone, you will be very familiar with how to use this tablet as a whole.

The bad news is, again, Google doesn’t seem to be able to take advantage of space on a large screen device so that it can display more complete or more information, instead of increasing the size of application icons, text, and others. So, through the Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung is trying to solve this problem by presenting an “additional display”, which I will discuss later in the productivity section.

For the use of video conferencing or multimedia consumption, it is very fitting. Especially with a total of four speakers on the upper and lower sides of the tablet body, enhanced by AKG and Dolby Atmos. There’s no need to add extra speakers to be able to watch Netflix content immersive from this device.

You need to know that the iPad Pro 2020 does not have a slot for microSD or a 3.5mm jack audio port for your headset. After knowing the specifications of the two tablets above, surely you can decide which the best tablet is for you that suitable for your needs.

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