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Data Utilization Help Chickin Streamline Poultry Farmers

Data Utilization Help Chickin Streamline Poultry Farmers

Despite the many challenges, the agricultural sector is the next potential area which has recently begun to be boosted with various new technology-based innovations. In general, embracing digital technology will have an impact on efforts to increase productivity, efficiency, profitability, and reduce the risk of disease.

Data Utilization Help Chickin Streamline Poultry Farmers

Adoption of new technology must be done massively and become a new habit for farmers/breeders for example, if they want to survive, remain relevant and competitive in a challenging industry, where input prices are soaring and disease continues to threaten their business.

Chickin is one of the agritech players trying to solve this issue, starting with the poultry farming industry. Three friends, consisting of Ashab Al Kahfi, Tubagus Syailendra, and Ahmad Syaifulloh, established themselves as poultry farmers before finally starting Chickin in 2018 in Klaten, Central Java.

“We fully understand the problems in this industry. From there we look for pain points from upstream to downstream,” Co-founder & CEO Chickin Tubagus Syailendra said.

“I really intend to help maintain food security in Indonesia, which still consumes meat with the lowest animal protein index in Southeast Asia and the problem of highly fragmented supply and demand,” He added.

Data Utilization Help Chickin Streamline Poultry Farmers

The Importance of Technology Adoption

According to him, for all cultivators, data is the most important issue that helps overcome problems in the field. Utilization of accurate data can help evaluate in order to prevent crop failure and can predict roughly what crops can be produced for.

Moreover, the adoption of technology is very important for breeders because the birds are very vulnerable to the risk of disease. “Forecasting in the supply chain can help the matchmaking process between supply and demand.”

Another issue that is also a concern is the animal protein meat consumption index which is still lower than other ASEAN countries.

According to the OECD-FAO, the consumption of chicken and beef by the Indonesian people is still low compared to neighboring countries. Per capita consumption of chicken only touched 11.6 kilograms, while beef was lower at 2.7 kilograms.

This is a big problem. In Indonesia, the potential is great, but the people cannot eat at a good price and quality. Then it’s still centralized, outside Java, many people can’t eat meat because access is difficult.

“Judging from the uniqueness, the biggest certified meat is chicken. Many people sell chicken here and most importantly, there is a lot of festive momentum that makes chicken a commodity at certain events suddenly high.”

Data Utilization Help Chickin Streamline Poultry Farmers

Offering Solutions for Poultry Farmers

In response to these needs, Chickin offers IoT and SaaS devices for data gathering and matchmaking what data is in the cage for B2B business needs.

With its digital technology, Chickin offers solutions for poultry farmers in Indonesia on how to reduce human error, feed waste and electricity costs. Solutions help them change from traditional management to digital based management.

His party will match the data on chicken demand, size, price, grade, and match the data in the farmer’s cage. As for IoT devices, to increase farmer productivity by reducing the cost of feed FCR (feed cover ratio).

Because, the success of the harvest is a matter of how much feed is converted into meat to the maximum, so that energy is not wasted.

Chickin provides an IoT-based integrated intelligent housing management system solution through the Chickin App – Micro Climate Controller (MCC) and Chickin Smart Farm which is expected to reduce FCR numbers so that it has an impact on better feed efficiency.

Can Make It Easy for Poultry Breeders

With IoT-based cage management and AI support, Chickin makes it easy for farmers to cultivate optimally, productively, and efficiently.

They no longer need to worry about the weather conditions in the cage because the temperature and humidity can be adjusted manually via the Chickin App connected to their smartphone.

The existence of IoT and AI support allows remote cultivation because the control process is easier, while maximizing production efficiency and quality with a low mortality rate.

The Chickin app helps breeders have real-time data. It is claimed, the integration process of Chickin technology can increase harvest success rate by 97% and profit by 300-400%.