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DANA eMAS Users Can Now Withdraw Gold Physically

DANA eMAS Users Can Now Withdraw Gold Physically

DANA eMas has just developed a new service to address the needs of users. Now, in addition to buying digital gold, users can also withdraw physical gold which can be delivered directly to the destination address.

This new service was developed based on DANA’s understanding of the behavior, needs, and expectations of the community in investing in gold.

Based on the survey, 60.9% of DANA eMAS digital gold buyers expect to convert digital gold to physical. DANA welcomes the enthusiasm of the community in taking advantage of the DANA eMAS feature developed by the company.

DANA eMAS Users Can Now Withdraw Gold Physically

“For us, this enthusiasm confirms the acceptance of our mission as a financial technology company to help people improve financial literacy,” said DANA CEO and Co-Founder Vince Iswara in an official statement received, Tuesday (27/7/2021).

As for doing physical gold printing, users just need to choose the weight option they want to withdraw. DANA provides several choices of weights that can be withdrawn from 1, 10, 50, up to 100 grams.

Next, users just need to fill in the shipping address and confirm all the required information. Once everything is confirmed to be correct, the user just needs to see the total amount of fees paid, make the payment, and wait for the gold to be delivered.

The presence of a new digital to physical gold conversion service complements the capabilities that have been previously presented by DANA. Previously, there was a Gold Price Notification feature that could help users make the right time to buy gold.

In addition to a variety of convenient features, the company has also built a guarantee of 100 percent protection for every transaction.

For this gold investment, DANA is working with PLUANG to support the provision of gold, both digital and physical, and physical gold delivery services.

DANA Presents Gold Price Notifications for Smart Investment Solutions

Previously, the DANA eMAS feature presented a new service in the form of a gold price notification or price alert reminder. This notification allows the user to make a purchase or sale when gold is in the best price range.

DANA’s Senior VP of Product, Rangga Wiseno, said that the development of the latest price notification service on the DANA eMAS feature is part of the company’s commitment to making it easier for users to manage their digital finances wisely, intelligently, and safely.

DANA eMAS Users Can Now Withdraw Gold Physically

DANA users of which currently have reached more than 60 million, according to Rangga, consist of various groups and have various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

From this diversity, DANA sees the importance of providing support in the form of facilities that make it easier for them to manage their finances wisely and intelligently, including investing.

“We have developed DANA features such as DANA eMAS to facilitate their enthusiasm for investing so that their income or salary can really be managed optimally to meet their aspirations in the future,” said Rangga.

“With all its capabilities, it’s not only easier to buy gold as investments, but it’s also possible to buy and sell at the right time in a simple and safe way,” he continued.

The User Advantages

Gold investors are generally very concerned about the actual price info. According to the survey, they routinely check the latest prices, either through applications (41.4 percent) or through gold market news (31.5 percent), and make purchases when gold is at its lowest price.

DANA eMAS Users Can Now Withdraw Gold Physically

“The latest gold price notification that we present is a facility as well as a solution in responding to the challenges and needs of users in investing in gold digitally through the DANA digital wallet,” Rangga added.

Another advantage that users get from this new service is that they can not only set the gold target they want to buy, but also get a notification when the gold price reaches the desired target. Users can even set up to five targets. One notification is available once in 24 hours.