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List of Local Startups with Indonesian NLP Products and Services

List of Local Startups with Indonesian NLP Products and Services

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is concerned with how computers are able to understand textual data in a similar way that humans do.

English is the language with the fastest development of NLP because of its status as a lingua franca in the international arena and is one of the languages ​​with the most speakers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that English-focused NLP services are very diverse; starting from Named-Entity Recognition, Coreference Resolution, Sentiment Analysis, Topic Classification, Chatbot, to Knowledge Graph.

7 NLP Startups from Indonesia

However, in recent years this field has also experienced significant developments in Indonesia. Check out the list of local startups that offer Indonesian NLP services below.

1. Startup Bahasa Kita

Founded by Oskar Riandi in 2015, Bahasa Kita, among other things, offers automated online meeting transcription services, conversion from text to speech (text to speech) and speech to text (speech to text), and smart speakers.

List of Local Startups with Indonesian NLP Products and Services

2. Bahasa.ai

This startup was founded by Hokiman Kurniawan as the CEO, Samsul Rahmadani (Chief AI) and Fathur Rachman (CTO).

The startup, which was formed in 2017, among others, offers chatbot services to serve consumers and data classification to reveal insights from data.

3. Datasaur.ai

The NLP model can produce the expected output if it is trained using certain annotated training datasets.

From the training data, the model reads and finds certain patterns and is expected to make good predictions after going through a series of exercises and optimizations.

Well, the main service of Datasaur.ai is a smart labeling or annotation tool. This tool can proactively suggest specific labels, making the data labeling process more effective–not completely manual.

4. Kata.ai

In 2015 Kata.ai started its business under the name YesBoss. At that time, the company offered SMS-based virtual smart assistants and mobile applications.

About a year later, the company pivoted and changed its name to Kata.ai. One of the solutions offered is word flow which allows their clients [companies, brands] to build their own intelligent chatbots.

In addition, other products include kata omnichat (cross-channel chat manager_, kata nl [a service for building language models], kata cms [a service for building AI dialogue dashboards], kata boost [a marketing platform for messaging applications], and kata voice. [API for text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion services].

List of Local Startups with Indonesian NLP Products and Services

5. Konvergen AI

One of the tasks that can be done with the NLP model is extracting data from documents, especially physical printed documents, using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function.

Convergent AI sees this as an opportunity and focuses on developing such products, such as Kontext ID (a service for reading and extracting data from eKTP or other identity cards) and Kontext POP (a service for reading and extracting data from receipts [receipt]).

6. Pacmann AI

In its early days, Pacmann AI started as a startup that focused on implementing and developing Machine Learning algorithms. Over time, the company diversified its business by offering two services, namely Pacmann Consulting and Pacmann Academy.

At Pacmann Consulting, the company offers services for solution design, business optimization, systems planning, model development and system implementation for various industries. In the field of NLP, Pacmann has experience working on media monitoring projects and identifying sentiment on certain topics.

In addition, the company is also working on a number of projects that fall into the sub-field of NLP – Information Extraction, such as Named-Entity Recognition, Coreference Resolution, and Entity Relation Detection.

Meanwhile, Pacmann Academy offers a Nano Degree program to become a Data Scientist with comprehensive materials that suit industry needs.

List of Local Startups with Indonesian NLP Products and Services

7. Prosa.ai

Prosa.ai offers a wide range of products and services, ranging from Business Optimization (Meeting Transcription Generation and Regulatory Technology), Customer Interaction (Multichannel CX Analytics, Speech Analytics, Chatbots), Fraud Detection (Voice Biometrics), NLP and Text Processing, and Sound Processing.

For NLP and Text Processing, the company has two products, namely the hoax verification platform (Intel Hoax) and Prose Text.

Derivative products from Prose Text include Word Normalizer, Syntactic Analyzer, Named-Entity Extractor, Quotation Extractor, Sentiment Analyzer, Rude Words Classifier and Hate Speech Detector.