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CekAja.com: a Reliable Fintech Startup for Easy Financial Access

CekAja.com: a Reliable Fintech Startup for Easy Financial Access

Among the 10 Indonesian fintech companies, CekAja.com is included on the list. CekAja.com itself is a portal that offers neutral and trusted information as well as comparison related to the financial industry. In this case, CekAja.com aims to help Indonesian people create smart financial decisions.

Recently, the IDC FinTech Fast 101 has announced a startup that is included in the list of the fastest growing one in Indonesia. The total of 10 new tech-companies  is included in the list that is made based on the extensive analysis towards them.

CekAja.com: a Reliable Fintech Startup for Easy Financial Access

Moreover, CekAja.com also offers other services in the form of investments, insurance, and loans. These services have been enjoyed by more than 20 million of CekAja.com’s customers. Thanks to CekAja.com, people can easily compare financial and insurance products that suit their needs as well as budget.

When it comes to credit loans, people are allowed to lend money in cash or apply for unsecured loans. Small and Medium Enterprises can also take advantage of loan services offered by CekAja.com. CekAja.com also provides investment products like mutual funds.

CekAja.com Services and Benefits

The services offered by CekAja.com have also been verified by the Financial Services Authority and Indonesian Bank. CekAja.com is also known to be one of the companies that founded the Indonesian Fintech Association. With its technology and services, CekAja.com is indeed reliable to compare financial products.

  1. Comprehensive Services of CekAja.com

The services provided by CekAja.com are pretty comprehensive since it is supported by several reliable bank partners and insurance agencies in Indonesia. It is also the reason why CekAja.com has always been updated and expanded to make the most of its financial services in Indonesia.

Whether you need credit, savings, insurance, investment or any kind of consumer products, CekAja.com can assist you in selecting the right thing. More interestingly, the variety of products offered by CekAja.com can be used by the public to meet any needs including education, business, medical costs, marriage costs, and others.

CekAja.com: a Reliable Fintech Startup for Easy Financial Access
  1. Easy Access to Financial Products

It is interesting that CekAja.com designs its services to make people even more convenient in dealing with their financial needs in such a high mobility and busy schedules. By using CekAja.com, people don’t need to come to banks or conventional financial institutions to learn further about their desired financial products.

Moreover, CekAja.com doesn’t require any difficult procedures when people want to use its service. Instead of conduced the credit worthiness interviews face-to-face, CekAja.com does it by phone for its customers’ convenient. More importantly, CekAja.com doesn’t need much time to make credit decision. 

CekAja.com Requirements and Potential Prizes 

It’s no secret that CekAja.com makes it faster for people to get cash when needed. Furthermore, CekAja.com also provides a quite long tenor for its credit products that can be set to 20 months in maximum. Then, since CekAja.com does all the processes online, sudden needs can be met easily.

For your further information, CekAja.com’s products are also set in lower interest rates, especially compared to the common financial situations out there. CekAja.com will determine someone’s interest rate by considering whether the borrower provides collateral or not when applying for the loans.

CekAja.com: a Reliable Fintech Startup for Easy Financial Access

Then, CekAja.com also often provides a lot of prizes to potential borrowers during special events like anniversary. The prizes offered by CekAja.com include mirrorless cameras, motorcycles, smartphones, and personal insurance protections for three months. The prizes may vary based on CekAja.com’s terms and conditions in the future.

To conclude, CekAja.com is an interesting portal that allows people to compare financial products. As a result, they can make better decisions when choosing their desired products by simply opening the CekAja.com portal. CekAja.com is also a reliable startup that is considered to grow fast in the last few years.