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Bukalapak Releases BukaSend, a Solution to Send Goods

Bukalapak Releases BukaSend, a Solution to Send Goods

Bukalapak is launching the BukaSend service. This feature is a freight courier aggregator designed as a logistics solution that helps MSMEs throughout Indonesia. With the BukaSend feature, MSME players can choose various types of couriers and delivery methods at affordable prices, safe processes, only through one platform.

Director of Payment, Fintech, and Virtual Bukalapak, Victor Lesmana, said logistics is now an important factor for the sustainability and development of e-commerce and MSMEs in Indonesia.

Vicor admits, to reach more consumers, a logistics system is needed that suits the needs of MSMEs. He is also aware that from time to time, MSME actors face challenges related to logistics, especially during a pandemic.

Bukalapak Releases BukaSend, a Solution to Send Goods

“We hope that BukaSend can be a solution for MSME players to continue to maintain business sustainability, especially in the midst of this challenging economic situation,” said Victor, in a media briefing event about BukaSend which was held online, Tuesday (29/9/2020).

Furthermore, Victor explained that BukaSend has actually been around since last year. However, at that time his presence was still a pilot project.

“Last year there was a BukaSend feature, but when we launched it the scale was still in the early stages because it was just being tried out. Currently, the BukaSend feature has improved both in terms of the user interface, tracking system, and more logistics partners,” said Victor.

Continue to Develop the Features in BukaSend

Even going forward, Bukalapak will enhance BukaSend with the presence of various new capabilities, including direct integration with businesses. That way, users don’t need to use an application or website to be able to use the BukaSend feature.

By using BukaSend, MSME players can also get goods pickup services and get automatic receipts, so they don’t have to bother answering customer questions about the whereabouts of items that haven’t arrived.

Bukalapak Releases BukaSend, a Solution to Send Goods

Victor further said that the BukaSend initiative was born in line with Bukalapak’s mission to help society create a fair economy for all communities. “We always try to make all the services and products presented can create a significant social and economic impact,” he said.

According to Victor, the steps to use the BukaSend service are quite easy. First, users or consumers must log in first through the Bukalapak application, then the user can click All Menu and select BukaSend in other categories.

In the second step, users can choose to Send Package Units or Send All at once. Third, enter Sender Address, Recipient Address by selecting Fill in manually or from the Address Book.

Goods Can Be Picked Up

Meanwhile, Hamidah Rachmayanti, a fashion and culinary business owner, as a Bukalapak user, welcomes the presence of the BukaSend service. According to him, BukaSend makes it easier for businesses during a pandemic, especially in relation to easier delivery of goods because of the pick-up and live tracking features that buyers can check themselves.

Victor also said that this service has been integrated with several other logistics companies such as SiCepat Ekspress, Lion Parcel, J&T Express, Ninja Express to JNE. In fact, in the future, his party will collaborate with other logistics services such as Anteraja.

Bukalapak Releases BukaSend, a Solution to Send Goods

In addition, he also revealed that there are many benefits that users feel through this service, namely users can enjoy cashback promos of up to 35 percent, automatic receipts, cashless payments, pickup services to tracking information obtained via SMS.

“So if the user is confused about where the goods are, we will send tracking information from the application and SMS, the SMS fee is also free. In addition, the package will also be picked up by the courier, so customers don’t have to go to the delivery booth,” he said.

Victor said that in the future Bukalapak will also partner with logistics from AnterAja to IndahLogistic so that the choice of delivery of goods can be more varied and meet consumer preferences.