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Bepahkupi Received Funding from Amazon for Social Missions

Bepahkupi Received Funding from Amazon for Social Missions

Achievements were made again by a company focused on the welfare of Indonesian coffee farmers. Bepahkupi Startup or Bepahkupi Gayo Coffee Startup is getting an injection of funds from Amazon USA.

The Bepahkupi startup was chosen to get this grant because of its social mission in building the Indonesian coffee farming ecosystem. Funds injected by Amazon for the Bepahkupi Startup amounted to USD 6,500.00 which was directly led by AWS Indonesia.

The purpose of funding is to support the technology ecosystem, security, website-Mobile App, payment, and financial services of Bepahkupi. Funds are provided to support the Startup Bepahkupi in carrying out its social mission and compete on a global scale.

Jessica, Representative of Amazon Indonesia, said that this fund was given to support startups around the world to move forward. She said, the Indonesian Bepahkupi Startup deserves this fund so that it can improve its digital technology system and also receives Business Support.

“If they needs investment funds, Amazon is ready to bridge the investors or venture capital that we have,” she said.

Bepahkupi is Grateful for Amazon’s Support

Bepahkupi CEO, Maulana Wiga, said, Bepahkupi Thanking Amazon and AWS for their support. “And now we are focusing on the system that we have built. I and the team are facing a situation that was never imagined before. But we are committed to being able to provide solutions for Indonesian coffee farmers,” said Maulana Wiga.

With the help of Amazon, Bepahkupi can grow and improve its digital system, both the application website and all systems related to digital technology.

Maulana Wiha also said, Bepahkupi is currently facing a crisis due to the impact of Covid-19 and continues to innovate and conduct research to deal with this pandemic.

“Bepahkupi is preparing to renovate the system so that it can return to normal after this epidemic is over,” said Maulana Wiga.

This Startup was Built for the Welfare of Coffee Farmers

Bepahkupi was built by Maulana Wiga, a Gayo student who is completing education at one of the universities in Jakarta, managed to become the 10 best startups, the choice of the British Government was represented by the British embassy at the TECH TO IMPACT event at The Westin Hotel Jakarta last February.

This Startup successfully conquered hundreds of other technology startups to be able to “pitch” or meet face to face with investors who come from within and outside the country which was invited by the British Government.

Bepahkupi is a technology-based company that focuses on Gayo coffee and the welfare of coffee farmers to be able to cut the distribution chain and make farmers as partners to educate farmers and improve the economy of farmers in the digital age.

They focus on developing the welfare of coffee farmers and provide education, aim to build education and help reduce social inequalities that are too far away.

Became One of the Istanbul Startup Participants

Bepahkupi represented Indonesia in the competition held at Volkswagen Arena, Istanbul Turkey, 14-16 April 2020.

Startup Istanbul is a prestigious technology startup competition and one of the biggest startup competitions in the world that collaborates with the world’s largest technology companies.

This competition brings more than 500 investors and the largest venture capital in the world to be able to help startups from many countries. Bepahkupi is one of the best startups chosen out of 160,916 startups and became the TOP 100 of the world’s best startups in this competition.

Etohum’s CEO, Burak Buyukdemir said, Bepahkupi was chosen and hoped to see Bepahkupi in the arena of the Istanbul Startup competition and flap its wings on the global startup stage.

Visiting the “Framers to Customer Concept” that cuts the distribution chain and with educational programs from upstream to downstream can increase Gayo coffee productivity and play profits for the welfare of the community by building Bank Coffee, promoting tourism from the profits of selling coffee in the international market with the help of digital technology.