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ASUS Zenbook Flip For Higher Mobility And Comfort

ASUS Zenbook Flip For Higher Mobility And Comfort

The word “convertible laptop” might not ring a bell for about a decade ago, but ASUS, along with the other manufacturer start the project to create it, and hence the ASUS Zenbook flip is born. As the name suggest, you cal flip the device to the back, making it very comfortable to be used when you are leaning or standing.

Obviously, the screen is also a touchpad, making it semi laptop- semi tablet device, but this trait is not hindering the comfort of any user that want to try the device today. The design is very slim, as the thickness of the whole device is below 3mm, and the screen is below 1mm, making it one of the thinnest laptop ever invented.

The thin design will help you to flip the laptop so that it can be used in such a way resembling the tablet.  The design is also very ergonomic, meaning it is so simple and thus no energy is wasted when you are using the ASUS Zenbook flip for any reason such as gaming or working.

The hinge or the bezel is already tested million time, and hence it can be used in a very long time. You will also not experiencing a hard pull or push when you want to flip the cover of the device since the bezel will work so smooth so that you can open the device very easily.

You can start opening the bezel, then turn the screen sideway to make it a working tablet. The strength of the screen is also top notch, as it is protected by the gorilla glass type.

Screen Resolution and Computing Power

Computing power or spec is one of the most important things you need to have when you are owning the laptop, and hence the ASUS Zenbook flip seems to be a good choice because the laptop is very light but powerful indeed.

You can start working under a very comfortable situation using the device since it is powered with the intel I7 core, which is the latest edition at their series. Although not the latest of the intel brand, the core is still able to pack a serious punch in the term of performance.

The next thing about the performance ASUS Zenbook flip is the graphic card, and you can rely on the onboard GPU of Intel 620. Which can be very comfortable to be used for working since it can generate a very great display picture.

You can also rely on the 16GB DDR 3 to maximize the performance and to make the reaction speed fast so that your working experience is not hindered with the unnecessary lag or glitch that will usually plagued the traditional laptop.

The last thing about the performance is the drive capacity, and you can rest assured as the capacity is quite big about 512 GB, using the latest tech as well. The USB ports are 3.1 meaning that you can transfer the data very fast to ASUS Zenbook flip.

All of those impressive parts are packed into one laptop weighing just about 1 kg, making it very efficient and light-weight. You can start accessing all of the computing power inside the laptop with a very reasonable price, which is within 3k dollars.

Long Hour No Problem with Zenbook Flip

One of the most outstanding features of the laptop is the long life and fast charging battery. The capacity of the battery is around 39 Wh and it means that you can start using the laptop very long, which can be stay turned on for about 12 hours.

You can also rely on the fast charging system of the laptop, which can charge up to 60% in less than 50 minutes. It means that you can use the laptop endlessly without having to charge the ASUS Zenbook flip very often.

But there is a slight exception here concerning the battery life as it is heavily depends on how you use the laptop anyway. If you are using it heavily without any pause, especially if you are playing some intense games, then your battery will be drained quite fast, and hence reducing the expected duration.

But If you are using it casually, just for working or reading a book, then you can expect the battery to live that long. This is true for every laptop, even with the strongest computing power such as the ROG series.

Light But Sturdy

One of the most amazing thing you can expect from any ASUS product, including the ASUS Zenbook flip is, the test is very strict and rigorous, making the product which comes to the market is the best quality that ever being produced by them.

The zenbook, although very slim and very light, still is protected by military grade protection, and hence you can trust the strength of the device as well, as it is one of the most powerful flip brand you can ever encounter.

The test is include the falling test, keyboard pressing test, flipping test, and water drowning test all of them has been passed with exceptional score, although due to the nature of electronic, you can expect them to keep on functioning properly after falling from extreme heights or drowned below the critical level.

But if you are using it casually, the fall from the normal height which is under 1m, or drowned under 1m level of water can still be considered safe and you can keep on using the ASUS Zenbook flip laptop properly.

The flipping and keyboard pressing is also very impressive, as the keyboard and the flip has been tested some million times and still is functioning until it breaks. Then you can use the device with superb longevity as it has been tested.

Conclusion The main target of this laptop is not actually for the gamer as it has some serious lack in GPU power, but if you want to use the laptop casually such as watching movies or typing, then this device is for you. The power of ASUS Zenbook flip is also very superior compared to any other device at the same type.