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Andi Gani is Appointed as President Commissioner of Ajaib Startup

Andi Gani is Appointed as President Commissioner of Ajaib Startup

Ajaib Group, a company that owns stock investment applications and online mutual funds, appointed Andi Gani Nena Wea as President Commissioner.

As is known, Magic is the most popular investment application in Indonesia. Recently, Ajaib has even secured a Series A funding of US$ 90 million led by Ribbit Capital. This is the largest Series A funding in Southeast Asia.

Andi Gani is not a random person. Previously, Andi Gani was also appointed as President Commissioner of PT PP (Persero) Tbk when he was 39 years old. This makes him the youngest SOE President Commissioner.

Andi Gani is Appointed as President Commissioner of Ajaib Startup

The figure who is known to be close to President Jokowi also serves as President of the Confederation of All-Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPSI). 

It is the largest labor union in the country with millions of members, and the leader of the ASEAN-wide Labor Confederation (ATUC). The progress of this young leader has been proven by several companies that he has led before until now.

He’s joining forces with Ajaib, a company created by Anderson Sumarli, one of Indonesia’s younger generations who are included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list, further strengthens the rise of Indonesia’s young leaders.

“I am very happy to be joining Bro Anderson and Ajaib. I believe in the strength of the young Indonesian generation who dare to innovate. We must support and protect these young talents. What Ajaib has done is very significant to strengthen the national financial sector and is in line with the government agenda,” said Andi Gani in Jakarta, Thursday (9/9/2021).

Boost Company Performance

Anderson Sumarli, Ajaib’s CEO believes that the presence of Andi Gani, who is familiar with the Indonesian capital market, can strengthen the company’s performance.

Andi Gani is Appointed as President Commissioner of Ajaib Startup

“I’m happy to finally be able to invite Mr. Andi to be part of our company because we have known each other for a long time. I believe that with his leadership and experience, we can have a greater influence on the Indonesian nation, especially in the financial sector among the younger generation. Indonesia,” he said.

Ajaib is often juxtaposed with Robinhood, an investment application platform from the United States that has the same vision of making investment a trend among the younger generation.

The growth of young Indonesian retail investors in recent years cannot be separated from Ajaib’s role as a brand that has been consistent enough to invite Indonesian youth to start investing, as can be seen from several campaigns that actively educate and invite young people to start investing.

Gojek and Tokopedia Investors Reveal the Weaknesses of Indonesian Startups

The startup ecosystem in Indonesia continues to grow along with the development of digital technology. The growth of this startup has attracted many investors from venture capital companies to do funding.

Andi Gani is Appointed as President Commissioner of Ajaib Startup

Behind the interest of the venture capital company, there is little doubt about the huge potential of Indonesian startups. 

Gojek and Tokopedia investors, Sequoia Capital India assess that there is homework that must be completed by Indonesian startups together with the government.

Managing Director of Sequoia India, Abheek Anand said that there is a weakness that is a scourge of startup growth in Indonesia, namely the lack of digital talent. 

According to Anand, the gap in terms of human resources for startup business acceleration is very large in Indonesia.

“They (startups in Indonesia) have to solve problems in terms of talent. The gap is really real. We as investors always talk about it most often in the context of engineers and company leaders,” said Anand at the Wild Digital Indonesia 2021 conference on Wednesday (8/8). /9).

Anand revealed that the current situation of the startup ecosystem in Indonesia in terms of finding talent has competition. Many startups are targeting the same people, because of limited human resources who have certain abilities.