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Andalin Strengthens Export-Import Service Ecosystem, Launches Andalin GET

Andalin Strengthens Export-Import Service Ecosystem, Launches Andalin GET

After introducing the Andalin Go application in the second half of this year, digital freight forwarder startup Andalin has again introduced the Andalin GET product to strengthen its position in the Indonesian import-export industry.

Andalin Strengthens Export-Import Service Ecosystem, Launches Andalin GET

With this product, exporters can overcome the scarcity of sea shipments of the Full Container Load (FCL) type by switching to the Less than Container Load (LCL) type.

In his official statement, Andalin changed shipments from previously FCL to several small-scale containers (LCL) so that the delivery of goods was not hampered. Andalin guarantees the availability of LCL space and the certainty of the departure schedule chosen by the client.

Andalin’s Head of Commercial Arlia Irishtiana revealed, Andalin GET is here to overcome the scarcity of container cargo that has occurred since 2020, especially on the Indonesia-United States (US) sea route.

Based on data from the Indonesian Forwarder Logistics Association (ALFI), the imbalance in the number of ships and container loads has occurred since 2020.

Considering that many ports were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the movement of the volume of goods began to sluggish so that many ships were forced to change schedules and resulted in fewer containers being ready to be shipped. This phenomenon triggers a surge in sea shipping costs from Indonesia to the US by up to 300%.

According to Arlia, if it continues, this situation will create a bad impact on economic conditions in Indonesia. This is because exports to the US accounted for 12% of Indonesia’s total non-oil and gas exports in 2020, valued at IDR 26.5 trillion. The US is the second-largest export destination for Indonesia.

Andalin Strengthens Export-Import Service Ecosystem, Launches Andalin GET

International Shipping Must Adapt

Towards the end of the year, there is bound to be an increase in shipments due to the seasonal pattern of people’s activities and consumption. This trend triggers a shortage of shipping space and is estimated to continue until the Lunar New Year in the first quarter of 2022.

“Therefore, international shipping actors must adapt from those who usually use FCL shipments to explore types of LCL so that sales to the US market continue to run,” he explained.

Furthermore, Andalin GET targets various business players from various industry verticals. However, at this time Andalin GET only serves export shipments to the US considering this route requires the fastest innovation to overcome the scarcity of containers. 

Meanwhile, business people can monitor the status of delivery of goods in real-time through the Andalin platform.

Contacted separately, Andalin CEO Rifki Pratomo said, for the initial stage, the new AndalinGET service can be accessed by contacting the Andalin expert team. In the future, AndalinGET will be integrated into the Andalin platform to facilitate access to services.

Andalin Strengthens Export-Import Service Ecosystem, Launches Andalin GET

Business Growth

Rifki revealed that this year Andalin succeeded in executing a number of important innovations to digitize the import-export process in Indonesia.

For example, the launch of the Andalin Go application which aims to reduce the complexity of the logistics bureaucratic process and promote efficiency in the delivery of export-import goods.

Then, Andalin was also partnered with the lending platform Investree as the first startuppartner to introduce paylater products for MSMEs. DailySocial had time to ask about the progress of this paylater cooperation, but Rifki was reluctant to comment.

The pandemic is not over and there are still shipping challenges going on in the world during the pandemic. Apart from that, Andalin continued to grow rapidly in 2021 by recording business growth of more than 400% compared to the previous year.

“We will continue to innovate to make shipping easier for international trade by leveraging new technology and innovative solutions in 2022,” he said.

He revealed, the second wave of the pandemic actually made Andalin able to adapt well, both in terms of business and ways of working.

Next year Andalin GET will focus on continuing the development trend in 2021 by increasing the number of clients and the volume of goods. His party is also developing a platform to encourage export activities with the concept of a one-stop international trade solution.