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Ajaib Now Offers Crypto Investment, More Complete as Wealthtech

Ajaib Now Offers Crypto Investment, More Complete as Wealthtech

Ajaib is the next wealthtech platform to offer crypto asset investment. This solution is present under the Ajaib Group business unit, with a legal entity PT Kagum Teknologi Indonesia, and has been registered as one of the crypto asset traders at CoFTRA.

Ajaib Now Offers Crypto Investment, More Complete as Wealthtech

Spokesperson for Ajaib Krypto said, “Currently, Ajaib has gradually rolled out the Crypto Ajaib feature to Ajaib users. With this feature, for the first time Indonesian investors can invest in crypto assets, stocks, and mutual funds in one application. We can’t wait to announce the development of Crypto Ajaib in the near future.”

In enriching the asset class, Ajaib also has a number of licenses in order to remain compliant with applicable regulations. At the beginning of its presence, Ajaib just presented a mutual fund investment that was facilitated by PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia.

Then, it was expanded to share investment under the legal entity PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia, the result of the acquisition of PT Primasia Unggul Sekuritas. Since then, Ajaib has grown rapidly in terms of user growth. It is claimed that since its release three years ago, the company has had 1 million retail investors shares.

This figure was so rapid, because at that time Indonesia only had 2.7 million stock investors. This achievement led Ajaib to become the seventh unicorn from Indonesia, after receiving a $153 million Series B investment led by DST Global.

Ajaib Now Offers Crypto Investment, More Complete as Wealthtech

Other Wealthtech Players

Previously, Pluang also launched the same asset class last year. At its launch, the company hired Tokocrypto and Zipmex as third-party partners. Pluang users can make buying and selling transactions on 29 exchanges.

However, Pluang is more serious about the huge potential of crypto in Indonesia. Now registered as a crypto trader with the legal entity PT Bumi Santosa Cemerlang. That is, Pluang add a new license.

Previously, Pluang formed a subsidiary to obtain an APERD license named Pluang Grow (PT Sarana Santosa Sejati). Also, pocketed a digital gold trading gold license under the legal entity PT Pluang Emas Sejahtera.

Meanwhile, Stockbit, the closest competitor of the two players above, is reportedly preparing a crypto asset class on its platform. In job search sites, the company is looking for the right team to handle the product.

Behind the recent turmoil in the crypto market, this industry actually offers such promising potential. Based on data released by CoFTRA, the transaction value of crypto assets grew from IDR 64.9 trillion in 2020 to IDR 859.4 trillion in 2021.

The increase in the growth of crypto asset transactions reached 16.2% per month. The government also sets crypto assets as tax objects.

As of early May 2022, physical traders of crypto assets that have been regulated by CoFTRA, are required to collect VAT and PPh for every investor who makes buying and selling transactions. In detail, in Tokocrypto, for example, the tax amount is 0.31%, consisting of a trading fee of 0.1%, plus VAT and PPh of 0.21%.

Ajaib Now Offers Crypto Investment, More Complete as Wealthtech

Appointing Lisa Blackpink to be Brand Ambassador

Blackpink personnel, Lisa, has been officially appointed as the brand ambassador of the Ajaib Indonesia securities company. This announcement was made by Ajaib through their official social media accounts.

“Starting today Ajaib officially has a new friend! In the future, LISA will join you to accompany your investment journey in Ajaib!” wrote Ajaib on his upload, Wednesday (8/6/2022).

Before announcing Lisa as their new brand ambassador, Ajaib had made netizens curious about her upload on Instagram, Ajaib shared a teaser showing a recording of a woman’s voice. In the video, a woman can be heard saying the word “Ajaib” with her trademark accent.

As is known, PT Ajaib Sekuritas Asia (Ajaib) the online securities company early last year also collaborated with Kim Seon-Ho, the actor who played Han Ji-Pyeong in the drama Start-Up on Netflix.