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Agora helps Yalla build the most popular voice-centric social platform in MENA

Agora helps Yalla build the most popular voice-centric social platform in MENA

BEIJING, CHINA – Media OutReach – 2 December 2021 – Online chatroom apps have been springing up in recent years, and they are very popular among users in the Middle East. Voice-centric social platforms represented by Yalla have gradually become “party houses” for young people in the Middle East to hold discussions on hot topics, to share stories about their everyday life, to make friends, to send gifts…They can easily do all such things on those platforms.

Yalla Group was founded in 2016. It took only four years for the company to have a successful IPO on the NYSE. Since Yalla Group was founded, Agora had been providing stable, reliable and high-concurrency real-time interaction solutions for the platform, and had witnessed and accompanied its growth every step of the way until its IPO on the NYSE in 2020.

At present, Yalla’s chatrooms can accommodate up to 2,000 users, and it’s very important to ensure stable and smooth real-time communication among users. Agora’s Software Defined Real-time Network™ (SD-RTN™) covers more than 200 countries and regions. Characterized by ultra-low latency, high concurrency, and high availability, it has been specifically optimized for the networks in small and medium-sized cities across Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, and China, with a high-quality global end-to-end network transmission rate of over 99%. Its network architecture is able to handle more than 10 times of load and up to 10 million concurrent connections, to meet the high-concurrency requirement of the chatroom scenario. A person in charge of this matter at Yalla said: “We’ve seen after working with Agora for so many years that they are indeed better than other solutions in the industry in terms of the ultra-low latency, the ability to adapt to weak network conditions, the stability, and the compatibility across platforms.”

For issues such as transmission under weak network conditions and packet loss that may occur in real-time voice interactions, Agora has an algorithm to address transmission under weak network conditions and packet loss. It has been adapted to more than 20,000 terminals and can achieve smooth video calls with 70% packet loss and smooth voice calls with 80% packet loss. This means that Yalla users across the globe are guaranteed to enjoy a stable and smooth interactive experience, even in weak network conditions.

In reality, under scenarios like co-hosting voice chat, there would be various voice quality issues such as hiccups, echoes, and noises. Such issues would directly compromise the user’s experience. Agora Analytics, the industry’s first big-data analysis product, enables businesses to have a comprehensive understanding of the experience of their end-users. Agora Analytics is an extension for Agora’s voice, video, and live streaming SDKs that provides tools to track quality, performance, and streaming usage. Its dashboard lets companies quickly see trends, monitor issues, and solve problems in real-time.

A spokesperson of Yalla said: “Agora Analytics is very helpful to our business. Based on the analysis results of the product, we can discover problems in real time, diagnose user devices and regional networks issues in a more targeted manner, and make improvements accordingly, which has dramatically increased our efficiency.”


Alice Li