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A Brief Explanation of Artificial Intelligence Background


Everyone already familiar with artificial intelligence or AI, but most of the still questioning how is the Artificial intelligence background goes? The advanced technology happened not without any progress at all. It has been through a very long journey to reach today’s achievement and improvement. People really put an amazing work on it.

The improvement of technology went really slow for a long time ago. AI as the newest technology still became a strange thing for several groups of people. The main Artificial intelligence background is that human needs something which could help their tasks, make it easier, and way more efficient. Here’s the AI brief history.

AI At The Beginning of Its Existence

The term AI was firstly coined in the mid of 1950′. AI has been through a long journey, and it’s starting to be utilized in 1955 when there’s a number of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University tried to develop computer program in order to prove a work in theorems. Its been improving until the late ’50s.

Someone called McCarthy developed a kind of computer language and been known as LISt Processing or LISP. And this language is the language that always is used in most of today’s AI projects. And it still in progress until decades later. AI is still nothing and it was always underestimated and oversimplified by many people.

AI was also admitted as something really strange where there is a robot who could act like a human, then help the human to do many works. it sounds strange in the very beginning. But then the scientists never stop to improve the technology, especially AI to make the world to be more efficient.

The Improvement; As a Part of Artificial Intelligence Background

years by years has passed, technology keeps on going to be more advanced and more helpful to human lives. The scientists try to improve this technology, and today we knew about the power of AI after a long journey back then. AI is not a strange thing anymore since it always used in everyday’s life.

Nowadays, AI became a familiar tool among people. everyone’s life is just impacted with this advanced technology. No wonder that many big companies which concern in technology issue start to use AI to complete their technology product. Take an example of Microsoft, which used AI as a part of their help system for the users.

Other companies which need AI roles are IBM and Dragon System that are using AI to their speech recognition. It’s aimed to help the users give the automatic command to their gadget and asked it to help them to do some task they wanted. It works well with the algorithms that could process human language.

Until this time, the advance of AI hasn’t stopped yet. There are still many efforts in order to make this technology become more sophisticated and replace the human to do many tasks in their life. No matter how strange Artificial intelligence background, human still need AI so much to improve their life outcome.