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9 Recommended Coworking Space in Jogja with Comfortable Atmosphere

9 Recommended Coworking Space Jogja with Comfortable Atmosphere

Coworking space in Jogja is intended for startup employees and students, especially freelancers who don’t have an office but need to get their work done quickly. Usually, they have to use a laptop and need a stable internet connection.

In this digital age, work now doesn’t have to be in a boring cubical room. Various work activities can now be mobile or anywhere. One of the trends following the changes in work activities is the rise of coworking space.

Coworking space has a difference with ordinary coffee shops. Coworking space is designed specifically to meet your needs at work, such as adequate wifi facilities, many electric plugs, to a meeting room complete with office facilities such as printers and photocopies.

In the startup world, coworking space is a very commonly used term when talking about workplaces for startups. Literally, coworking space is a shared space that is used to do work.

Coworking Space in Jogja Offers a Comfortable Atmosphere for Work

Many coworking spaces in Jogja do not merely offer fast internet as the main selling content, but they also promise a comfortable place to work for long periods of time. The contemporary interior design and accommodating facilities make users comfortable.

1. Sinergi Co-Work and Network Space

If you are the type of person who likes to work in a place that is not too noisy, then this coworking space can be the right choice. This place is not too noisy, has lots of electrical outlets and sells a variety of coffee and snacks that will make you feel comfortable to finish your work calmly.

Located at Jl Cenderawasih No 32b, Mrican, Demangan, Sinergi Co-Work, and Network Space is one of Jogja’s coworking spaces that has a fast and stable internet connection.

2. Ruang Kerja Coffee and Collaboration

Located not far from the city center, Ruang Kerja can be an alternative place for you when doing work. Besides having a coworking space facility, here is also a meeting room available. Plus there is Wi-Fi with speeds up to 100 Mbps which will make you even more comfortable.

Ruang Kerja also offers delicious menus such as Hainan Rice, Chicken Galangal, Roasted Duck, and Spaghetti Carbonara. Ruang Kerja Coffee and Collaboration is located at the Dr Sarjito shop-area, Prof. Dr Sardjito Jl kav E, Terban, Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta.

3. Antologi Collaborative Space

Located in Gang Gayamsari II No. 9C, Caturtunggal, Antologi Collaborative Space is a fun coworking that is paired with a contemporary coffee shop. This place claims to have three concepts at once, namely coworking space, event space, and coffee shop.

This place is actually not much crowded by most students who work on assignments, but more freelancers and new startups. Coworking space is suitable for millennials who want to get a comfortable sleep experience.

4. Beehive

Beehive Working Space is a place that is designed as a temporary workspace for those who need peace in completing their work. The main reason why Beehive Working Space is chosen because of its location close to downtown Jogja.

This coworking space is located at Jalan Damai no 8, Sleman Regency, Beehive, the location is not far from two large campuses such as the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII), Yogyakarta State University (UNY) and Gadjah Mada University (UGM). However, the location is a conducive location so that your meeting will not be disturbed.

5. Ekologi Desk and Coffee

Ekologi is a coworking space that carries the concept of rustic exterior and interior. In addition to a place to do assignments and complete work, Ecology also provides a variety of light and heavy western and coffee foods.

Located on Pandean Sari Street, Block IV No 10A, Condongcatur, Ecology is currently a favorite spot for students. Because the place is very friendly for young people. Coworking space is two floors and has wide parking lots.

6. Bumi Lantai Coffee and Space

One alternative Jogja coworking space which is located in the northern region besides Beehive, might be able to choose the Earth Floor. This space is visited more by students who are completing assignments or part-time jobs.

Just like its name, Bumi Lantai which is located in Sinduadi, Pogung Kidul, Mlati, of course, provides a variety of special coffee menus to energize the workers. The outdoor section is also pampering for those who smoke, where the electric plugs are very affordable.

7. Sleman Creative Space

Sleman Creative Space is one of the new coworking spaces in Jogja. This place has the full support of the Sleman Regency Government. Through the assistance of the Jogja Creative Society (JCS) community, the Sleman Regency Government cooperates with the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) to encourage the birth of a creative community in Sleman.

The Sleman Creative Space building can be found next to the gate in the Condong Catur Culinary Park. The building that was previously stalled was turned into a unique place. Standing beside Angga Jaya Street number 3. Sleman Creative Space has a modern design as well as a combination of natural elements.

Other than coworking space, Sleman Creative Space also has several facilities such as a foyer and hallway for displaying works of art, mini cinema, film editing studios, and one workshop room, to an open amphitheater at the back of the building.

8. The Hype Culture

Still in the northern part of Jogja not far from the student center, there is The Hype Culture recommendation for you to just hang out, do assignments or work, to make small events. The Hype Culture has even been called a ‘place of learning now’ for creative young Jogja.

Located on KH Wahid Hasyim Street No. 26, Caturtunggal, this coworking space has a fairly large and spacious building with tables and chairs that are guaranteed to keep the visitors crazy. Especially with internet access that is quite stable and fast, making The Hype Culture always crowded with young people, especially students in Jogja.

9. Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta 

Initially, the Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta (KPY) made by Anton Ismael for photographers in Jogja. But as the community develops there, KPY becomes an impromptu co-working space that accommodates many young artists to complete work with their laptops.

At KPY there is a coffee shop with a number of tables and chairs that are sufficient for relaxing work. Besides the cool and homey atmosphere, the fast internet connection makes KPY become one of favorite coworking space in Jogja.

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