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5 Things You didn’t Know about Coworking Space Jogja

5 Things You didn’t Know about Coworking Space Jogja

Some of you maybe have known about the coworking space Jogja. This place is well known for its design and also the function. You may think that you know everything about this coworking space. However, are you sure about it? 

Sometimes, there are several things that you don’t know about a coworking space. It is because people only know about basic things. The example is like a coworking space as a place where you can share a building to work with other people.

5 Things You didn’t Know about Coworking Space Jogja

In fact, you must know more about coworking space, especially those which are located in Jogja. There is more to be known about this place. It is not always about the place, but the impact. It can be the first time of you hearing this fact.

Knowing about these facts can be so important. It is especially for you who want to start this business. It is also beneficial if you want to rent a coworking space soon. So, here are the things you probably did not know about a coworking space. 

Things about Coworking Space Jogja that You Should Know

1. It is Possible to be Healthy 

All you know that stress can lead to disease, right? It is because stress can make your immunity is worse than before. That is why; it will bring many illnesses. Examples are fever, headaches, anxiety, and more. 

If it is happened to you because of your job, just come to a coworking space. You can come and work there. Based on some sources, 70% of people who are working in a coworking space feel healthier than before. There are some reasons for it.

The first is about the design. Most of the coworking spaces are designs interestingly with various themes and concepts. They may use different and bright colors too. It can really bring a different atmosphere. You can say that it such a fun place to work.

In addition, most coworking spaces also provide a special room to relax. It can be a café, library, or just a room with a comfortable sofa. It is done to prevent bad mood during doing a job. The negative mood will make you stress. 

2. Most Coworkers are below 40 Years Old

It is really interesting. There are some sources that stated that nearly 80% of coworkers are under 40 years old. You can prove it by yourself by coming to several coworking spaces. After that, try to look at the faces and appearances of the coworkers there.

You can easily found out that almost all coworkers are below 40 years old. It is based on the fact that mostly the coworkers are freelancers, young entrepreneurs, and more. They like everything offered by coworking space because it is in line with their spirit.

5 Things You didn’t Know about Coworking Space Jogja

Those young coworkers are usually called Millenials. They are the people who strive to make a new atmosphere of working. It can be seen in their clothes. They don’t always wear ties and suits to work just like the common people do.

In addition, the culture of coworking is also flexible. It means that you can use any clothes for working. You can also come at any time. It is based on your business need and schedule. It shows that professional work can be done anywhere and anytime.

3. The Vast Network

You may always see some sources or articles that coworking space can give a vast network. Don’t be bothered by that because they really meant it. You can get profitable and wide networking by doing your job in a coworking space.

Based on a trusted source, it is stated that almost 91% of coworkers got their new connection from a coworking space. It is because they made an interaction in that place. The number my shocked you. It is a huge number and fact.

You can imagine it. It will be really fun to work in an artistic place and then gain a new connection. This connection can lead you to profitable cooperation with other businessmen. That is why; you need to try a coworking space.

4. It is not a new thing anymore

Do you know the numbers of coworking spaces worldwide? Based on a source, there are about 14000 coworking spaces in the world in 2017. It means that the numbers must be more this year. It means that coworking space is a popular business.

It is not a new thing anymore. If someone said that coworking space is the new company to going on, he is wrong. The number of this business is really much and showed the amazing increase. It is because in 2011 there were maybe only a thousand of coworking spaces.

The good thing is that coworking space is always making great events regularly. These events are effective to attract many new members. Besides, it is also a place to gain more knowledge from speakers and meet new investors.

Now the numbers are huge. Maybe there are also some coworking spaces that we have not discovered yet. This fact for sure brings back another important thing to be known. It is what you can learn in the next point. Are you ready?

5 Things You didn’t Know about Coworking Space Jogja

5. There will be more Solopreneurs in the Future

Nowadays, there are so many young entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is not only in Indonesia, but in the world. The question is, how much could it be in several years from now? It is for sure that you are not able to count it and say the exact numbers.

However, from the coworking space, you can make a prediction. It was stated before that coworking space showed amazing progress. There are more than 14000 of coworking spaces are available right now. It means that more entrepreneurs are coming.

It was said that in the duration of 2011-2017 (6 years), the number of coworking spaces increased up to 17 times. It is a huge difference overall. It is also a sign that nowadays this world is having many new businesses and entrepreneurs.

A lot of new businesses means there will be tons of employment available. It can make the economic condition is better, personally, or worldwide. It is why coworking space is important. That is why; you have to support the coworking space Jogja.

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